AMD RX580's - The best ROI Card - IMHO


Good stuff, ill have to try this…I’m strugging to get my rig stable :frowning: only pushing 146 MH/s with 5 cards running right now…cant get it stable at the magical 30-31 hashes


What flashing did you end up going with? just the 1700 over 2000?


I consider this post outdated for my country now.

lol ROI…

I’m guessing you paid for 200£ per GPU approx. RX580 4GBs are being sold for 450£ here. :man_shrugging:


Still best ROI card…if you consider the GTX1070 are $900 + in australia… I got my RX580 for $600


I just used the oneclick straps in polaris


Guys, as per @munternet says use the one click option as Polaris works out the best memory settings for you.


I can’t see this one click option? where is it


Bottom right. Make sure you have the latest version.


I have version 1.4? maybe I don’t have the latest


1.6.7 is what you want :slight_smile:


SHEEET how did that happen!.


do you recommend reflashing my stock and doing it again with the newest version?


Open a stock rom and oneclick it


I will do this tonight…Im currently getting 147.85 with 5 cards which isn’t bad…I do have 1 lemon of a card cant seem to get it passed 26 MH/s


Mine are all Hynix memory damn unlucky…if you have the samsung memory they seem to be getting 1-.5 MH/s better.


I de-tuned the samsung memory card because it wasn’t as stable. I’m comfortable running at the same speed as the hynix ones


ill post my results tonight after I reflash…i might just reflash the lemon card and see if it improves.


OK mate :smiley:
This is the updated screenshot with the suggested tweaks.
I think it looks more stable :+1:

Although the M/hs looks good locally I am getting regular fluctuations in the reported hash rate and probably the effective hash rate here. Note the dips in the green line.
The average effective hash rate is up so I guess it’s not a train smash but it would be nice to make it look proper :stuck_out_tongue:
If anyone knows the cause I would appreciate some help.
I also noticed I am getting 6% stale shares. Can anyone tell me what normal is?
Cheers :slight_smile:


Did you have any issues registering 6 cards on your rig?

I’m using SMOS I’ve configured the mobo bios to enable 4G Decoding.

I thought it might have been my risers and/or cables but no matter what combo of cables and risers my rig will not pick up my 6th card.


I have only used Windows 10 Pro with the blockchain drivers. I set all my PCI-e to GEN1 even though a lot of tutorials stipulate GEN2. I did look at this tutorial but I have gen1 set and I use onboard graphics to output to my monitor.
What is your motherboard?