AMD RX580's - The best ROI Card - IMHO


Good morning. I am minimg with Nanopool, but … how can i calculate if stale shares are more o less if there is not the indication of the number of stale shares ?
In Ethermine you can see them in the graphs, on nanopool … i see nothing…


I’m doing an experiment right now as it happens to see which is best out of those two pools. I will update this post in the next day or two :slight_smile:
The image below is from 6x RX 580’s and 1x GTX1070.

These are my nanopool payouts with the dates, so you can work out roughly how long it took to get 0.05 eth.
There may be some brief stops in there somewhere, but not long.

GROUND ZERO: 2018-03-18T17:58:10+01:00
I have switched to the pool and I will be looking at the daily eth earnings once it settles down.
The problem is the difficulty keeps going up so it’s hard to test without two identical rigs tested at the same time.

I am a day and a half in on ethermine and not “feeling” it :).
I’m at 0.017 eth with an average hash of 205 and close to 10% stale shares as opposed to the ~214 average on nano but no mention of stale shares that I can see.
I will complete the 0.05 eth payout cycle so I can do the math from the payouts table but it “seems” slower.
I know it’s not super comprehensive but I’m not known for my patience :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking at 35% stale shares :scream:
They say it’s because of the lower difficulty compared to nanopool so someone on another pool is mining the same share as you but wins the race…


Another 24 hours has passed and still no payout although the number of stale shares has reduced. The reported hashrate, current hashrate and average hashrate are quite different to each other…not in my favor :frowning:
My brother is also running on currently and getting 8% stale shares. I will post a summary of his results also after he gets a payout.
I will be going back to nanopool as soon as I time the payout here and running the same test unless someone has a better pool suggestion to test??


Here are the payment tables from ethermine org. A little simple math will show the time frame to mine 0.05 eth and compare the two pools.

Does that work out to 74 hours to get 0.05 eth on ethermine?
And looking back at nanopool it took 78.5 hours to get 0.05 eth.
Please correct me if I’m wrong as it’s late and I’m tired but it looks like ethermine is better by about 6% in the last round on each pool.



Really interested to see how you do. I have been with Nano the enter time. Switching to the BTC Pool for a while.


Hi there,

Just came across this forum while looking for RX580 settings.
I agree that the RX580 give a great return, my ASUS DUAL (8GB) give a steady 30MH/s on ETH.

I have recently been playing with the Equihash coins e.g. BTCP and HUSH.
On stock settings I get 300H/s… just wondering if anyone else has got some OC settings to lower Power Draw and maintain the hash rate?



Yes, i also had the same problem. Lots of stale shares and “slow” maturation of payouts. As you remember, only changing from Ethermine to nano my hash rate has done a jump . Nanopool statistics page is not refreshed so quickly as ethermine, but payouts a re quicker, and i mean that i get more money in the same amount of time. There is another litlle thing. I was using claymore , but now i am using Phoenixminer and my hash is 0,5/1 more higher.


that’s cool as I’ve mainly been using ethermine for ETH for the last year but I didn’t keep testing alternatives, so that’s nice to see :slight_smile:


That’s what I thought but I think it might be psychological due to the layout and the selective stats that are released. I’m fairly sure (as is my brother who is running an eight gpu RX580 rig) that ethermine is consistently better by 5-6%.
I would appreciate if you could check your payout stats and calculate the time to get the same number of shares using the same setup on each of the pools.

Thanks for the tip on Phoenixminer :smiley:

I got a little more on my GTX 1070 31.65Mh/s but a big drop on my RX 580’s

It seems to be better and faster all round on the GTX 1070 including the detailed info it spits out. I will report back after I have finished a proper round on ethermine and compared the payout with my previous results.
I am guessing it will do well even with the raised difficulty but obviously my instincts have been wrong before so just wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:

I just tried to set up my 6x GPU RX 580 rig using Phoenixminer.
I tried for ages and did reboots etc but couldn’t get the voltage inputs to work correctly if at all. Once they fix it I’m sure it will be very good.
After getting frustrated with Phoenixminer I downloaded the latest Claymore’s miner v11.5! and this is what I got…


Sorry for the late reply, but i have a very very big big familiy and 2 dogs. One minute free a day, sometimes less… :slight_smile: Yes’ you’re right. Phoenixminer works better with nVidia cards. Ethermine also respect to nanopool. I am waiting (form a month…) one nvidia Gtx 1080Ti to make other tests and considerations because electricity here is very very expensive and i am making every sort of test to understand with precision “what to do”. Mining ETH make nice incomes, but the bill “robs” too much.


Are you consulting “”?
Currently verge is 170% more profitable than eth on a 1080ti.
I have been mining verge for a few days now with a single 1080 and have about 100 coins ($3.83USD).
It’s nice to have whole coins :smiley:
If you decide to go for verge I have a good recipe I can share. You could expect 40 - 50 coins daily.
zencash and zcash are very good also with a 1080ti. I am guessing they will be good long term or good to sell in the peaks if you want cash.


How come you guys don’t use Nicehash? The price differences on whattomine are usually 5-10 cents difference. When you consider they convert to btc, and coinbase transfer is instant. I mean unless you want the specific coin.


I don’t like nicehash because of the amount you lose transferring btc to another currency. Also they seem to thrash my computer and create heat issues and use more power. They don’t encourage withdrawing to an external wallet either.
They keep saying they will be paying out in other currencies soon but they have been saying that for a looong time :smiley:


Right now im farming equihash with a GTX 1080. 580 sols with 77% power , running at 59c . Its only making like a dollar a day at this point. I went from making 3 dollars a day to 1 dollar in a month…

I am only using 1 card at the moment, so I guess that doesn’t really apply to me. I can see why it would be an issue for you though.


I am fairly new to actually selling btc but from what I understand if you don’t pay a reasonable amount of “gas” it can take forever to make an exchange because of the cue to make alterations in the blockchain. I have heard of people paying about 35USD or more to get a transaction through quickly.
I am a bit of a noob so please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Well, I transfer to coinbase. There is no fee to transfer and it is instant. Usually you get charged a miner fee to transfer to an exchange. If you try to transfer from said exchange they usually make 5-10$ per exchange (or more depending on the amount). Honestly it takes about 20 mins from the time I hit withdraw to binance, for it to show up in my spendable balance. I only ever transfer in small amounts personally. I am new as well.


So if you want to put it in a wallet that is not on a server to sit on it as an investment how much would it cost?
It seems they like you to exchange it so they can keep clipping the ticket.


Buy one of those hardware wallets, thats what those are for. Not sure on transfer prices for when you withdraw to a hardware wallet.


I really don’t have enough to justify a hardware wallet :stuck_out_tongue:
I use windows wallets and print my details and keep them in a safe place.
If I have enough to justify a hardware wallet one day I might get one.
I was warned against keeping currency online because they can get hacked or the admins might be waiting for one big hit. Who knows? There are a lot of crooks out there that would be tempted by billions of dollars :smiley:


If you have a smart phone, you can activate google authenticator. I would consider coinbase to be safe, more so with that activated.


I don’t do any trading but coinbase looks reliable. I’m just mining a few coins for now.
Funny thing, when I first tried to join nicehash the site was down because they had just been hit for $60,000,000.00 :smiley:


Now they are paying people back in bunches. Atleast they are actually paying back though. I wasn’t affected.