An in-depth overview of different mobile wallets

@wpgsteve you’re more than willing to write your own article, debunking not only this repost but also the original author.

you also are more than willing to create a superior forum that you provide, for free, with a much tighter control of content creation and development with better editorial controls thus making it a much more credible source of news!

either way, you’re welcome and i’ll be the first (and only) to apologize for any confusion. have a great sunday.


I visit plenty of free sites, thanks. This one is not the top of the list either.

I do write, instead of posting other peoples work, try it.

copy and paste is not developing content.

your welcome for the feedback.

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Those are nice stats, man. Now i’m looking forward to whatever you share.

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please provide the sites that you visit that are superior to this site so that we can all be made better by your experience!

i have provided even more clarity at the top of the post, for you and for anyone else who may not read fully the article at first. hope that helps.


read carefully? the link is tiny and hidden lol

dont take it so personal, EVERYONE thought you wrote it, maybe thats the way you wanted it?

Add a Source: Link at the bottom and you’re good to go.

btw, it is not a privilege for me to visit this site, it is a privilege that you have us all as members and help make this site what it is. You guys make money off this site.

you are welcome again.

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damn straight. and here’s why.

and @wpgsteve… we’re waiting for the list of better sites.


lol, I am not here to prove anything.

You are upset that you got called on the article, even on twitter it “appears” like a original article.

Go hunt for your own “content”

This is a profit site, you guys are making bank, go pay some writers for original content.

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Theres no point in spreading saltiness (that is why lots of visitors have fled other websites)

All I’d like to ask is to be more pleasant, and not accuse people of things (like stating that the purpose of the pub is to make bank, to repost other ppl’s work as their own etc).

Just leave if you disagree, or even better: actively contribute to improve on the quality. You seem to know how it’s done.


Thanks John, this is clearing a lot of things to me as I’m trying to choose the best storage option :v::v::v::v::v:


Have you tried the new wallet from the Airbitz team? I’ve used Airbitz forever and I want to use Edge but apparently my phone isn’t fancy enough LOL - -might be time for an upgrade… :iphone:


the drama was real…wish he’d posted that list

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