Animation skills needed!


So some of us Pubbers in the Pub Discord came up with what we think is a terrific idea. Create our own music video for ICON ripping off the Title Sequence from Little Einsteins, Little Rocket Ship. And we will title it “Little Icon” with new lyrics for the video.

instead of a bunch of faces like in the cartoon, we show the partnerships in cointelegraph cartoon form, and only keep Mins face and Peter’s face and they sing with Southpark mouthes. Thought process being, everyone that sees the video, sees the partnerships, and starts jumping in on the rocket ship. Plus a doge. Need a doge in the rocket ship.

Or He doesn’t even have to sing…just Min giving the thumbs up at the end of the video. Or holding up a hand drawn sign that simply reads “blast off!!!”

And it lands with a cartoon John Waiving landing lights on the ground on what looks like a helicopter pad with a YENio logo? :wink:

Or We could say “brought to you by and” in the beginning of the credits

If we make it good enough it could go viral giving icon free advertising and moon.


Sounds fun. I can help out with this.


Sweet! Sending you a private message.


If there are any others please comment or private message me. We are looking for collaborators of sorts



I remember us discussing this in discord. :grinning:


Lol! Fun talks. Trying to make it a reality