*ANNOUNCEMENT* TheBitcoinPub Mining Pool


New to mining 1070x3 1060x2
Moving from NiceHash to mining Zclassic

Huge news indeed! I will let a few pals that are big into the mining game know asap. My desire to finally build a rig just got bumped up a few notches!


Following! Researching this now plan on having a gpu rig up soon!


Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will be posting regular updates on this project.


Could you post links to the best tutorials so n00bs like myself can fast track getting a rig set up please?


That Can get you started. I’m working on a few videos myself, but you can search on YouTube and find some decent guides. The main thing is all the prices are way higher then at the time of most of the guides and videos you’ll find. GPU’s are 2x-3x the price, same with memory. The rest are a bit higher as well. At the very least worth trying out



Thanks for that, I’ll give it a shot


Sharing what I’ve learned so far.


Personally i am interested in zcash. Can contributed about 3k Sols


I think Zencash would be a great choice. I was looking at that in December and think there is a great opportunity there.


I will be interested in Zencash too, I’ve not been mining it yet but have the wallet.

With Zcash I have 4500 sol/s, not sure what that would be for Zencash.


Hey guys.

I have 6 x gtx 1070 (about 2.5 ksol/s). I am not quite sure which coin will I get better ROI. I am willing to join your pool.


Awesome! Anyone who hasn’t already should post their cards and hash power onto this thread where we’re tracking the pubs hashing power for stuff like this :metal: Hopefully have some good choices for coins we can mine full blocks of soon, and need as many people as are willing to pull this off as well


I’m in the process of looking into mining with the help of @seikin so id be keen to join the pool. Looking at a rig running 3 x 1080TI 1x. 1070Ti


I have a rig with 6 Nvidia gtx 1060 opus


oops GPUs…130M h/s


Be sure to enter this on the topic linked above. It helps me track who I have and haven’t added to the master list. Thanks


I’ve been contemplating a Zencash secure node but I have so much to learn such as mine vs running nodes etc. But I like ZenCash


I’ve learned a lot about the information that is out there for ZenCash. Especially the Z-nomp setup. Things are coming along, I’ll be making an announcement tomorrow on my YouTube Channel.