Another hack? How convenient!


I believe it’s just coincidence or people with weak hands panic sell. Remember only strong hands survive :joy:


Well, here’s the thing. No one knows if BTC will rise or tank. The person who does will be a billionaire.

All you can do is guess the market trend. Even then its no guarantee. You could equally have got burned on your shorts.

Lee and Draper also guess the market and get it wrong. And they do this for a living!

I’m just watching the market now. Every single time…every single time… BTC gets near $6400 out come the profit takers and knock it right back down into the $6300s again.


My Tin foil hat is triple layered for extra comfort take my hat if u want I have plenty spare for the whole pub. Market going down is healthy for the market as it allows the scammers time to think up new scams to make fresh bag holders. I have noticed there favourite game is hot potatoe :potato:


I like the cut of your jib.

I’ll take that hat there please…no…not that one…yes…that one. Thank you!


noel is a Multi Billionaire… :rocket:
Pay close attention Pal…


I would agree with what you say…except…I watched the crashes. They were instantaneous all at once massive sells. Not lots of people selling at various times, i.e. when they managed to get onto an exchange. That’s the give-away. Also, ‘coincidence’? It has happened like 5 times since April this year. Small exchanges hacked for$1o million chomp change but massive BTC dumps and $20 Billion wipe outs.


Whose Noel. What’s his secret?


Lee works the tv circuit to peddle his hedge fund, he doesn’t get paid to be right. I’ve heard from a former hedge fund manager that analysts don’t trade, or even do their own research. They have minions who are equally inexperinced in markets, crunching numbers they don’t understand, and they give the findings to the tv analyst to present. If the number crunching minion is lucky, they get promoted to tv analyst

So no i don’t know 100%. But i would prefer the opinion of a trader with skin in the game over analysts and number crunchers


Umm, using the term ‘bear market’ would also infer that there will also be a bull market. This isn’t actually necessarily true any longer. You ain’t waiting for the institutionals are you?


Understood. But even a trader with skin in the game is only guessing…like the rest of us.


Only dumb institutions in the business of losino money would invest right now. Lack of regulatory clarity is the complete opposite world they live in. And tether still existing or even having a legit audit, its a complete trap


For example. Tonight. Will BTC go up or down while I am asleep? Should I sell now before retiring in case it tanks over night or should I hold in case it spikes?


Thats true, but guesses can be significantly better than a coin flip


Thats too short term. Market fundamentals as you know are lousy, even if it spikes, its going to continue tanking


Bingo! The cavalry isn’t coming. And no more new cash is coming in to the market. No bull run on the horizon.


I’m looking for an exit strategy, but I cannot find one where I don’t lose a lot of money.


I think its too late for that IMO


I would cut ur loss and just sell. Sure it might do a slight pump tonight but u have already answered ur own question. It’s going lower :-1:t2:


What shit coins have u got ?


I have a question for you LeeTorres. If you are no longer in the market and you do not believe it will return to a healthy state why are you here?