Another hack? How convenient!


I would say this, people are hoping for a retest of 6.8k. The longer it consolidates where it is now, the more likely it will resume the downtrend with a big impulse down


Waiting for the bottom and checking in to see if i have missed anything. Even anything, its habit


Sparky. I don’t discuss what coins I have or how many on public websites. Social engineering and bad people watch these sites and can do bad stuff with information.


And when it bottoms? What will you do then? I understand about the habit bit.


Well if ur holding shit coins and ur going down with the ship I would convert them into bitcoin as alts are going to be worthless


Maybe load up. Or if it tanks massively, pick up a souveneir


Ah, you said ‘maybe load up’. Now why would you do that unless you think crypto prices will improve. Have we already bottomed now? BTC has a history now of being supported by $6300. Time for you to load up?


I don’t think this is the bottom, far from it. I don’t think price is a good investment either


What do you see as the bottom price for BTC?


There is a reason warren called it rat poison squared :rat: :skull:


Sparky. I have to discount what Warren says simply because he admitted he knew nothing about crypto.


Maybe 2-3k. Of course it could go lower. I initially called for 4k back in march, but i was probably too optimistic


How did you know months ago the market was going to dive?


I wouldn’t discount what he says he knows a lot and he knows the Ponzi is running out of greater fools. Crypto does not generate a income you are simply buying it in the hope a bigger fool will come along and pay a higher price and then he hopes the next person will pay a higher price.
Speculative investments usually end up very bad for the last buyers


Why those prices as a bottom LeeTorres?


Ok, there is lack of regulatory clarity now; but did we have a CLEAR regulatory back in 2017 during the run up?


I agree. But, people were saying that about BTC since 2010. Look what happened to its price year after year. Why should it stop now?


I love that @Sparky_84 found a new friend @HopingToMakeProfit you two are two peas in a pod.


Maybe it won’t stop as it’s speculation but there is enough evidence to suggest the speculation frenzy never honestly reached 20k. The question I ask myself regularly these last few months is how much of that 800 billion market cap is fake money :thinking:


Let me come and introduce you to the upload button. If you are talking about the charts, please, upload a picture with your chart.

I would not focus on the price only at the moment. We are still bear, for the most part. Focus on the fundamentals. I know that you are “Hoping to make profit”. Think of it as the multi-year investment. I stopped worrying about the price long before you were here.