Another hack? How convenient!


I wouldn’t discount what he says he knows a lot and he knows the Ponzi is running out of greater fools. Crypto does not generate a income you are simply buying it in the hope a bigger fool will come along and pay a higher price and then he hopes the next person will pay a higher price.
Speculative investments usually end up very bad for the last buyers


Why those prices as a bottom LeeTorres?


Ok, there is lack of regulatory clarity now; but did we have a CLEAR regulatory back in 2017 during the run up?


I agree. But, people were saying that about BTC since 2010. Look what happened to its price year after year. Why should it stop now?


I love that @Sparky_84 found a new friend @HopingToMakeProfit you two are two peas in a pod.


Maybe it won’t stop as it’s speculation but there is enough evidence to suggest the speculation frenzy never honestly reached 20k. The question I ask myself regularly these last few months is how much of that 800 billion market cap is fake money :thinking:


Let me come and introduce you to the upload button. If you are talking about the charts, please, upload a picture with your chart.

I would not focus on the price only at the moment. We are still bear, for the most part. Focus on the fundamentals. I know that you are “Hoping to make profit”. Think of it as the multi-year investment. I stopped worrying about the price long before you were here.


Your replies are making me nervous.


Don’t worry institutions are coming any second now crickets :cricket:


What’s your take on ETFs and their impact on the market (institutional money) if SEC OKs them?


Going from today’s price to $22k in just six months, hmm, have you any idea what a price chart for that kind of meteoric price rise looks like?

Yes. July - December 2017.


I thought bitcoin crashes during the summer and goes up in the fall/winter?


And that rise were are told was manipulated. Not organic. Not sustainable. So why are these experts saying it will happening again by year end?


Sory @leetorres. That question about ETFs was directed towards you


Well this thread was a great read :sleeping:


The new Will Bitcoin Go Lower :squid: thread


Was it? I know lots of individuals and funds who entered the space during that time to rise the tide.

I’m just answering your question that yes - we know what a price curve looks like at that scale…


@bitvadol. Thanks for the advice. But with respect, I can’t spend ‘fundamentals’. What does that mean anyway? Also, if you forgot about the money aspect long before I arrived I can only assume you don’t have much money in this space as I do?


Bull shite. My secrete profitable exit strategy is code named 2022.


@mcbauer. It was a rhetorical question. Point being all the experts were saying that kind of a parabolic rise was basically wrong. But these same guys are now saying / predicting (like its a good thing) that it will happen again end of this year. Some experts are sating $100,000 by 2019.

First they criticise the parabolic rise then they support it happening again?