Another hack? How convenient!


There are high volume trading nodes at 5,7k, 4.3k, and 2.8k. As price searches for value, they get pulled to those areas. Of all of those nodes, 2.8k is the one with the most value staked to it and will have a strong pull if btc keeps rolling over

I don’t have a reason to think that this won’t be a multi year bear, daily trading volume is declining, adoption is horrible and people keep leaving.

I expect btc to keep sliding, and people will tear their hair out because they keep hearing good news eg people will be consuming the endless rumour mill


Real institutions arn’t in. 2017 was a manufactured pump combined with retail people fomoing in at the rumour of intsitutions coming. It was priming for the futures contracts. Since then, btc has had the living spit shorted out of it


Your replies are making me nervous.


Don’t worry institutions are coming any second now crickets :cricket:


That wasn’t the intention, i’ve spent a lot of time gathering input and analyzing those things. That and i’m not drinking the kool aid, i’m trying to be objective


What’s your take on ETFs and their impact on the market (institutional money) if SEC OKs them?


Going from today’s price to $22k in just six months, hmm, have you any idea what a price chart for that kind of meteoric price rise looks like?

Yes. July - December 2017.


I thought bitcoin crashes during the summer and goes up in the fall/winter?


And that rise were are told was manipulated. Not organic. Not sustainable. So why are these experts saying it will happening again by year end?


Sory @leetorres. That question about ETFs was directed towards you


Well this thread was a great read :sleeping:


The new Will Bitcoin Go Lower :squid: thread


Was it? I know lots of individuals and funds who entered the space during that time to rise the tide.

I’m just answering your question that yes - we know what a price curve looks like at that scale…


@bitvadol. Thanks for the advice. But with respect, I can’t spend ‘fundamentals’. What does that mean anyway? Also, if you forgot about the money aspect long before I arrived I can only assume you don’t have much money in this space as I do?


Bull shite. My secrete profitable exit strategy is code named 2022.


Etf’s will probably bring in more traders, like the futures contracts. But businesses are struggling to find a way to make crypto profitable for them and cryptos don’t generate revenue, so not sure why big intstitutions would invest. Especially with the regulatory unclarity


@mcbauer. It was a rhetorical question. Point being all the experts were saying that kind of a parabolic rise was basically wrong. But these same guys are now saying / predicting (like its a good thing) that it will happen again end of this year. Some experts are sating $100,000 by 2019.

First they criticise the parabolic rise then they support it happening again?


I hope btc has one more run in it. If you cash out in 2020, i will too. I won’t walk, i’ll run. If crypto gets big, regulatory bodies will put the smack down


Tony “Elmer FUD” Veys told him.


No it will be what we call “Cash”.