Another hack? How convenient!


@leetorres. With regards to Regulatory clarity…the application currently being put forward to the SEC is for a handful of top 5 cryptos that are not ambiguous. Like BTC and Ethereum. The SEC is clear that they are OK with this coins.

Difference with futures traders is that they don’t buy actual coins. ETFs will comprise of actual coins being bought. Therefore coin prices should see an increase. Yes?


its one of those things… life is half random… logic is limited gotta look beyond the limit… if all you see is walls then you got walls bub. crypto evolution is not following logic its all over the place. your pov echoes i’m in for the money and more power to you thus your play is different from mine. i’m in it bc i know the tech is legit and being patient for maturation is my play. your evidence adds to my conviction that this environment is mixed with different objectives. i appreciate your point of view it helped me strengthen mine.


I think the more likely scenario is that the regulatory bodies put the smack down, and the government cryptos go mainstream

For the mean time, they will let the sec do the work. The g20 in a few days is supposed to propose regulatory suggestions for cryptos, as per their previous statements. Its not even on the dockett

For something that is supposed to be bigger than the internet, the 20 biggest nations can’t even be bothered to talk about it. Let that one sink in


@leetorres I hope nothing is discussed in great detail at the forthcoming G20 meeting and no statements made to suggest that a tough approach for cryptos is coming. That would sink the price of cryptos again.


Thats the thing, its not on the dockett. Cryptos is pretty insignificant for them. That also means regulatory unclarity will continue


@leetorres. After listening to you…do I sell and bail out…leaving cash on exchange and buy back in later or just get out?


Up to you, personally i think a multi year bear is coming and the bottom is not in

Has anyone noticed that Amazon has gone 2x since middle 2017? Personally i have some money in other markets, some on the exchanges for trading. And the option of having fiat available for when the crypto market bottoms hard or something useful is made and shifts the market fundamentals


@leetorres and when the bottom is in why should BTC go back up in price again? Governments will smack it down, it doesn’t generate revenue. Why would anyone want to buy it again?


Don’t need to buy the very bottom, could buy when there’s a pulse. 3k going on 4k is prodably more attractive than 1-2k bottom. 1-2k does sound greedy and bordering a lottery ticket



I hope people reading this thread know that everything that’s said here is opinions of individuals, as there has been zero facts provided to back up the ridiculous fud that’s been stated.

Wow I haven’t seen a fud thread this bad for a long long time.

I hope people aren’t easily influence by this garbage fud!


@Duttydirtz Go easy there Dutty. As you said…its just people exchanging opinions. I want crypto to succeed as much as you do!


Declining daily btc trading volume: check
Btc tanking: check

I think thats a good basis for discussion


Bro I agree with most of what you said in your original post. You’re asking the right questions but you’ve attracted ultimate fud from people that are playing on the fud for their own gains.

And this can negatively influence people.


Nothing wrong with a discussion brother, I’m just leaving a little post warning people these are just opinions. No evidence of any kind to warrant such claims as a multi year bear market. Zero!


I could jus sit in fiat now and away and that wouldn’t change my assessment


Its a pretty clear possibility

I don’t tell anyone what to do anyway, i present what i see and what i’m doing


It can influence other people. You are right to point out that the content of this thread is purely opinions. But it is good to hear the views of others. Sometimes you can get stuck in a mind and listen to others views can make you reappraise your own views. Yes?


No it’s not. Anything is a possibility if we are gonna go down that road.

It’s a clear possibility I could have a car crash but I’ve been driving for 12 years and still no crash.

Come on Lee, you’re better than that


Car crash is likely if you’ve been drinking and are speeding. Market has beed irrational, tanking, and daily trading volume is tanking. Sounds like a slippery slope to me