Another hack? How convenient!


DOW looking a little top heavy and 10 year run. Where are your claws for DOW?


Totally agree bro, I have learned a lot that I can’t always be bullish all the time even in a bearish situation.

However, when a thread is filled with posts that can come across as if they’re facts (to noobs and the weak handed) I feel the need to say that actually, none of this are facts.

That’s all I wanted to say really


Thats why I am asking about ETFs. I am looking for a catalyst that will suggest there is a future for BTC and that its not headed foer the grave yard.


Ya, there’s an arguement for that


I’m not disagreeing that it looks bad but you are coming to conclusions that others might say the opposite to. Some might say once we bottom the market is back to normal. Many people believe we have bottomed.

All opinions. No facts


You’re asking the wrong people :joy:

It’s like asking a hungry predator what he thinks about going vegan… You’re in the wrong place brother!

You will only hear negative things from the main two you have been talking too.


The main thrust of my original post was that the market is manipulated. Sure, no one can now disagree with that.

The second point I was making is that these so called experts claim BTC will hit $25k+ BY Xmas. How? How is that even possible given that there is only 6 months left of this year and to hit $25K would take a parabolic shift.


ETFs are the golden tickets that Bitcoin needs. There’s a reason why the Facebook twins have gone for it several times since 2014. It is a well known fact that ETFs will being a lot more players to the game and a hell of a lot more money.

Listen to the real experts on this stuff. No Fudsters!


Nobody knows what will happen. It can happen as it did before. We are an ETF announcement away from a nice run… Possibly.

This market is manipulated but once the big money that comes from the likes of ETFs then those whales wont be able to control it anymore trust me.


All markets are manipulated. Fact.
People in the business will give you wild figures at either end of the spectrum it’s all about those clicks and likes.


I hear you Dutty. I hear the other contributors as well. I even hear Lee and Draper. You have to agree Duttty…Lee and Draper…and McAfee, they are coming out with some outrageous predictions. No? We look to these people for their expertise but they may have an agenda also?


You have put this in other threads that you have started about Crypto’s being manipulated and we have answered with a “No shit captain obvious” so why start another thread pushing the same point?

Its not a matter if they “may have their own agendas” THEY do have their own agenda’s. Why do you look to them as having expertise in what markets will do? No one knows what the markets will do and even if they did they would be proclaiming it to the world.


Sure, this is a speculative market, my opinions are based on what i see ar probablity. Someone might argue against that probability, and in that case i’m open to hear reasonable counter arguments


Yeah man both sides have their agendas. The guys with more want the price higher that’s why you have idiots calling it a ponzi. They lack grey matter and cannot comprehend the technology so they resort to their basic instincts and act stupid.

The best thing you can do is learn to trade properly and take advantage of the situation


I know what he 's getting at. Like in the film the big short, one guy is like ‘i know you’re trying to sell me, but how are you trying to screw me? Doesn’t mean i won’t buy, but how are you trying to screw me?’

Thats how pro traders ive talked to think eg find out the risk. Its not a bad thing


I have enough in this for me. Loosing it all would hurt, but not much. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. That’s my motto.

True that you can’t spend fundamentals, but you also can’t spend BTC as easily as USD. You can’t spend real estate, you can’t spend bonds, you can’t spend stocks. If you consider BTC and crypto currency as an “investment” and blockchain as a groundbreaking technology, what’s the point of this conversation?

If you have sleepless nights thinking about the prices, maybe you’re putting too much into it. And I’m not talking only about money.

Look, dude, I’m not a trader. I don’t give a shit about daily fluctuations. I’m in for a tech, whatever that means to you.

In the end, I think we have different mentalities. But I want us all to win in this game.




Will you tell us when you think the crypto market bottoms hard?


Based from your TA and deep analysis, when will the stock bull market end? :slight_smile: