Antminer E3 , New paperweight incoming? Or not?


Just a small update on the rumored ASIC / Ethereum / Killer , or maybe not.
From what specs say , it’s actually not that spectacular, I was thinking It would of had more power . I’m no fan of the centralized Monopol ASIC company BITMAIN and I would never buy anything from them for multiple reasons . But when I look at the specs , that’s nothing a couple RX580 or 1060’s couldn’t achieve, the only advantage is the cost , nothing else .
Due to the fact that bitmain also makes a kind of GPU I would not be surprised if the E3 isn’t even a ASIC miner after all , But a purpose built GPU Array configuration .
What do you guys think ?

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Also if you think 180m/h that’s like a 7 card 1060 rig , ok granted the E3 is cheaper but I like to think of it this way .

  1. Garantie, with GPU’s i have at least 2 Years . BITMAIN / Garantie LMFAO wish you luck with sending stuff in .

  2. With gpu’s If something goes wrong I can get spare parts with in 24 hours , and I’ll be up and running again

  3. If things go terrible wrong in the crypto market , GPU’s can be used for other thing , or be sold , Purpose built ASIC’s or similar are only worth their weight in Aluminum .


People keeps comparing Etash ASICs with NVIDIA cards.

Men a Rx580 AMD card can give 30mh/s at a 150W. That being said this “ASIC” is basically 6 RX 580 with better electricity usage.

Its not THAT great! but lets see if this is the bitmain final form or just the first to come.


I just compare Nvidia because i have almost 100 nvidia GPUs running , and in the beginning i was mining ETH , that being said you are absolutely right 6 x 580 will definitely give you the same result , even the power is almost the same . I think those are just standard GPUS in a small form factor .


Go ZenCash with that monstruosity of cards!


I’m was getting 30mh/s on my 580s at 110-115 watts. Once these are obsolete then you might as well toss them. If ETH forks to change the algorithm or WHEN theu finally move to POS the Antminer will have no value unless I am missing something. At least I can mine something else with my 580s for a while.


nope , im in the bitcoin Pub mining pool BTCP


like i said , i would almost bet on that the E3 are just a bunch of GPUs in a small form factor , hens changing the algo would do nothing . Just look at the specs they are the same to a GPUs , and afterall Bitmain make GPU`S


Just for fun , i think it would be easily achievable for a big company to fit in that form factor 6 GPUS , you have to think away all the Bling Bling , useless stuff GPUs have on them , Get rid of the cooling for every card, get rid of the power regulation for every card and what are you left with ?? not much , Its highly optimized in terms of cooling and power distribution


It doesn’t state how much RAM it has for the DAG file. RAM is becoming more and more expensive and plays a big role in the hash rate. The amount though comes into question because 3GB cards are pretty much EOL for Ethash. So with it not shipping until July this thing seems like a big paper weight to me.



Cool video Chris , I cant wait until we have the first people opening them up to see whats inside . Because those specs are to similar to a GPU .


@ImaginaryPi I think Bitmain increased the order level from one to five per user.


You are correct, they must have done that overnight.


I suspected this and even posted an article with similar comments. Dagger Hashimoto simply has too many quirks about it to allow for a genuine ASIC to be effective. This E3 is just a fancy gpu rig in a box


What this could also mean is that enough though ETH might fork, the E3 may still be able to follow it as long as it remains on the EThash algorithm.

What do you think will happen to all the other coins on the EThash algorithm? :thinking:

Just trying to give everyone something to think about.


I think this E3 miner will only be interesting for big mining facilities . There is absolutely no advantage in the E3 over GPUs, If you compare all the pros to Cons i would stay with GPUs . Why would anyone give them money 3 months in advance for a standard Mining rig with the worst Garantie deal in the world. I really dont think its going to change much , and personally i don’t think ETH will fork . After the X3 disaster maybe they have learned to play it safe , and find other ways to suck up the market .


I 100% agree with this assessment. Unless space is a premium for you, there is nothing other than initial price that makes these any better than a rig built with off-the-shelf GPUs. Once you are done mining with standard GPUs you can recoup the costs of a large portion of the investment. Just like ASIC miners, these specialized GPUs might not demand much on the resale market. Maybe that will change if someone will eventually find alternative uses for them (big data/scientific research, etc.) otherwise GPUs may still have the upper hand in the profitability game.


one thing to add is that the description says that 180 mh/s is a low estimate and it is expected to be much more efficient at delivery…whatever that is worth.


Ja , also keep in mind , when is NVIDIA coming out with next gen gpus? June July , when they do , thy probably will blow out anything in the water when it comes to efficientcy, what a Strang coincidence. Conspiracy Sunday :grin: