Antminer Purchase


If anyone knows where I can safely purchase an Antminer L3+ w/ PSU please advise. I really want to get a miner but cannot afford those high prices on Ebay ($3500+) when the MSRP is around $1400.

Thanks Crytponation


Follow @BITMAINtech on twitter to find out when they are releasing them.
I got an Antminer D3. Shipping in a month or so



Thanks for your reply. It has been so frustrating to say the least in obtaining either, a L3+ or D3 from Bitmain since for example, Tuesday they would release the S9 as I got their email advising em of this release. I went to the site and never was able to purchase anything, the S9 add to cart tab was greyed out and it appears they are releasing the L3+ today and been eyeing the bitmain site all day.

Boc, I have 2 children and it’s so tough to have them stay home all day for me to watch over a company site expecting a release and nothing happens. If you see an opp for me to purchase a D3 or L3+ please text me at 732.322.9045. I really appreciate you for sending me the tip and do hope I can get something here soon as I simply cannot afford 4 grand + on these units as my wife lost her job not too long ago and me only working, it’s tough my brother. Peace


You need to see that the time they release is in Hong Kong (5pm) so it’s probably around 3am where you are and just wake up and keep refreshing that page! That’s how I did it!
Buuuut. Then a few days later they sold more, and the d3s were available for half a day… Twitter is the best way to find out


I have also had trouble obtaining the Antminer L3+. I got the alert on Twitter and calculated the time I would need to be up for it. Got up right before it was set to launch and the site was down. Kept refreshing until it came back up only to see it was sold out. :frowning:

I refuse to pay $5-10k for any antminer. That is too much.


5 to 10k where you buying from?
The D3 was 1400 and the L3+ is like 1600 from. Bitmain


I buy 1 D3 last week from bitmain, I didnt buy more because I cant expence more money for now. Just stay tune.

If I watch new Items, i will post it on the

Good look.


If you want my advice never buy antminer outside the bitmain site, becuase of the price diff + who knows what the miner condition is + the miner could have been used and opened up (even though the seller is claiming otherwise) and u might loose the warranty… etc
Turn on their twitter account mobile notification & you will get notified when the post something … they used to post the release time for their products in advanced.
I’ve ordered A D3 but its been on paying process for 2 weeks now :rage:


Talk to me guys. I’m here. And I want to know. I want to learn! My beloved cryptonation!!!

Why are you buying an antminer?

Give me good. Solid rationale so I can understand better.

My research has concluded (and I could be outdated here) that the long term value will not produce results much beyond payback as complexity etc will effect the hashing.

That, with the fact that these systems can only be programmed to one mining coin.

Am I outdated? TBH I haven’t stayed up on the mining as much as I’d like as @ImaginaryPi has that on lock at our company.

Please inform me?

<3 Dogelord
Ps. I moved to mining category.


Well for months & i have been searching which is more profitable minning vs holding & i got to nothing (btw its untapped topic i think why dont make a youtube video about it with explanation of your thoughts) … so i assumed since i’ve aleady been holding diff cryptos then i should try mining + those D3 miners that are selling are bad asses :grimacing: And there are pools that can mine for you any profitable coin since its x11 algorithm and convert it directly to BTC … which means more seats in the spaceship :rocket:


I’ll tell you, a friend of mine tried out one of these antminers and it last about 3 months. He made his money back plus a little more but when it went out, it went out bigly. The AISC chip COMPETELY blistered. His thought, being an electrical engineer and having experience building circuit board, was to rebuild the circuit board. When he opened it up was when he saw the blistering. Be careful buying these AISC miners. More than likely, the person selling it has been using is for a while, made good profit, saw a decline in profitability and is looking to score some more cash.


Thanks Todd. I will take your twitter advice and hope for the best with that route.



Thanks Michbort. I appreciate you


In my case its really easy, electricity in Venezuela its free (or Ridiculously cheap). 1$ per month. So, its profitable.

I got 3 S9 mining, older versions, 32 th/s total(1 card its broken), thats 50$ / per day. I was mining BTC, but BCC its more profitable, for now.

The D3 has a insane power. its 9 time more profitable that the S9.

WARNING: this machines make A LOT of noise, A LOT. The power consume its considerable. Make sure to make your home work before buy any miner.

Your welcome


The first batch of Antminers for the L3+/S9/D3 was $2600. and $3500 is fair market value considering you can mine $2000-$4000 worth of Dash in the first month with the D3.

Your not going to get one under $3500 when there is so few of them made and there is such an insanely high demand.

but be careful!

Really the only super profitable Antminers are the ones release in the first september batch. the difficulty is sure to spike for the october/november batches where you risk not getting much profit and if you get yours in late november/december you may struggle to get your ROI depending on what you paid.

just look at the difficulty spike on the D3 already just from bitmain doing their antmining on the D3’s before shipping them out. enormous spike.

I have looked into it extensively and couldnt get a september one for a decent price… id say value wise id feel comfortable paying:

$5000-$6000 for a September D3
$2000-$3000 for aOctober D3
I would NOT buy a november D3 until november when i know the profit margins

$3000-$4000 for a september L3+
$2000-$3000 for a october L3+
I would NOT buy a november L3 until i know the profit margins


They all sold out long ago… the “release” isnt for the sale its for the shipment. people who go in the first batches purchasing them in june/july are getting their antminers shipped just now

you wont get a (september/october) D3 or L3+ from bitmain you would need to wait for the next gen antminer (next summer?)

secondary market is your only option



The profits on the latest generation of Antminers are significantly more profitable then the last several generations.

The L3+ (litecoin) gets you about $700 profit a month conservatively.

The D3 (Dash) gets you about $2500 profit a month conservatively.

The S9 (Bitcoin) gets you about $500 profit a month conservatively.

if you can get the first batch you are a lock to double your money. if you get the second batch you are likely to get your ROI and some profits.

after the first 2 batches though… its like you said… the difficulty spikes are huge and you will struggle to get your ROI and you can only mine 1 algoritm and they have 0 resale value.


The difficulty on those coins is going to spike… look at the difficulty graph and the enormous august spike… thats because of the D3’s and thats just the few bitmain mined with themselves. (they do this to make profits themselves before the public gets them)

if you have a november batch D3, you will likely struggle to get your ROI regardless of what x11 coin you mine


the power isnt even a concern… the antminers profit at current difficulty is through the roof!

the issue is the difficulty. your killing difficulty for the people who get S9 miners later on :slight_smile:

if you get batch 1, tis a gold mine


I just bought a D3, they were 1400… Your prices you are quoting are way off.