Antminer Purchase


Those prices are for the secondary market, not through bitmain.

Bitmain is selling batch 5 of the D3 miner. the first batch price was $2699… it was dropped to $1400 for subsequent batches. If you can get a D3 at cost, even for a 4th/5th batch you are a good bet to get your ROI.

i wouldnt pay secondary market prices for anything but batch 1 or 2. the difficulty by november/december is going to really cut into the profits a ton.

the graphs on Dash difficulty already alarming.


Great discussion Cryptonation. I have learned so much from this string alone. I am new at this, no miners, no bitcoin but I do have dreams!

My dream is to obtain just 1 unit of D3, L3+, and S9 and see where it takes me. I am not looking to get rich, all I want is some stability in my finances and with Crypto, it can be reached. Do I have 401K? Yes, I do but that is something that I cannot touch until I am an old man HAHAHA! I want my kids to enjoy life now, be able to not worry about school and work, here me peeps?

Thanks to each and everyone of you who have voiced their opinions, advice, and knowledge, THANK YOU as I am learning as I go through this journey with the hopes I can get a ticket on the spaceship with you all and enjoy the ride together as a community.




Peter, won’t future bitcoin price projections heavily influence this calculation?


No, not really.

The difficulty increase are much larger then anything BitCoin could do. Even if it tripled overnight it would not make a difference once the difficulty jumps high enough.

I mean once your mining goes to say .00000100 per day, it doesnt really matter what the stock price is because it will take you several years to generate 1 coin.

simole math comparison.

.01% of $4000 and .01% of $12000 is still a REALLY small number. fractions of fractions effect profit alot more then a double or tripling of the cost of BTC


I want to buy some antminers and rent the hash out. Do you think that the roi is worth the puirchase? I assume you cannot use nicehash with a antminer? How are you generating money with these?


Just a quick search, who knows if it will work with the Antminer


You have to do a little reconfiguring but yes, you can use the antminer on nicehash


Peter and I steered away from these ASIC miners when we were making a decision on whether we wanted to build GPU miners or buy some ASIC mining machines. We just felt the ASIC miners lost profitability too fast and are programmed for just one algorithm. After my friend purchased one and it went out during month 3, we felt we made the right choice.


I felt the same way. I want access to ALL the possibilities, not just one! With services like Nicehash, this is the best route for sure.


NOW antminer L3 avalible in bitmain.


Says coming soon, haha. Missed it. Those go quick!


keep your eye on the page, thats take maybe 10 mins, so, i think today is going to be more items. stay tune.


OH ON!!! I paid 3000$ for the November BATCH!!! :fearful: I got ripped off!! You think it’s to late to tell ebay to cancel my order and put that 3000$ in somthing else? OR do you think I should stick with my antminer d3?


I think I have been getting the time zones wrong, arghhhh. Hopefully, they release a few more by the years end.


Which one are you trying to get???


I wouldn’t say you got ripped off, but with difficulty spikes its going to be more difficult to turn a huge profit after getting your ROI. this is based on prior spikes in the difficulty in the last generations of antminers, so it isnt 100% but typically after 3-4 months you see a drop in profitability due to increased difficulty


Thank you for replying! I’m relieve to know that now, at least I’ll make somewhat of a profit within 2-3 months within getting it. Any other option of jumping on the Cryptocoins before it sky rocket? What to invest in?


Sir I am going to get d3 in December batch .is it gud to get it in December batch .is it is gud to ROI.


Hi sir,I have planned to get d3 in December batch whether is it gud to get it in December batch .it is gud profitable for December batch.ROI CAN get it in 5 months??


You need to buy neo right now