Antminer S9 and S9i Custom Firmware


Hey ASIC miner chummers. I found something really cool. Custom firmware for the Antminer S9 miners. It will let you overclock your miners. I can only go to 15 TH/s with the factory Bitmain 1600W power supply. Apparently, you can go as high as 17TH/s with a 2600W power supply. Screenshots say it all…

I just selected “Light overclock ~ 15TH” in the overclock profiles and clicked on Save & Run. That easy.

Requires the Bitmain APW5 2600 Watt power supply to overclock at 17 TH/s.

Adjusting the frequency on each individual chip on all three boards is something a person on Adderall might want to do one night. Not me, I’ll pass on that shit.

Set and forget. Autotune takes care of it for you.

Here is a screenshot of my miners. I labeled the miner types in red. The S9s with the custom firmware get 15TH/s consistently.

I’m getting just over 80TH/s now. I’m trying to beat my record of 0.01 BTC payout in two days.

If anyone is still using an Antminer S9 and is interested, holla.


I just learned how to boot an Antminer S9 to a microSD card. Found some new custom firmware called braiins-os as well that has a build for the DragonMint T1 too. There might be a rare pubster that’s still mining BTC with ASICs.

I never noticed the SD card slot. Only ever needed the reset button. Intended to fix bricked miners

There are some jumpers on the control board under the hood.

Here’s the jumper configuration to boot to the SD card (32 GB card minimum)

The nice thing about booting to SD is you can keep your original firmware on the control board. No risk of bricking your miner if you write the firmware to the SD card instead. Visit the braiins-os website below for details. Open source software with public Github repository.

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i am interested in the autotune firmware, is there a link or name of it?


DM me your email address I can send it to you. It is a 19MB file.


im new here, cannot find DM button.

here is my email:

replace AT with @

thank you


Did that file ever make it your way? I don’t know if Yahoo has an attachment size restriction. If so, I can make a link to download it from my website.


it works great, i tested for about 20 hours+ and my miner still online.
though for now i only use auto reboot function and set it to 650freq.

later after i got a 2400watt psu i will try OC it.

btw, before this my miner always hit 0h/s in around 2hours mining. its such a waste because i only got time to check it once a day. now i feel relief.

thank you very much


Here is the screen shot


Bill, I would love to try this. Can you send over a DL link? Also what is the “Dev fee” thanks

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You can DM me and I’ll send you what I’m using. I believe that most all of the Antminer firmware is open source so I’m not sure about “Dev.fee.” Dev fee means a developer fee. I heard there was some firmware that takes a portion of your mining for developer fee. The one I’m using does not. I haven’t tried the BrainsOS version yet but they don’t have a dev fee for their firmware either.

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How do I DM you?
Would you mind emailing it to trojan81(at)

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I just joined and as such cant DM. I would very much be interested in testing this for my farm. Thanks!

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NICE @Bill.Kraft :fist_right::fist_left::yenicorndeal:


Share the love.


Hey Bill, can you please send me for testing? you can drop it here:


No problem. Sending it your way.


Hey Bill, that looks pretty sweet! If you don’t mind sending it my way as well. I’d love to try it on my S9s.


Thank you!!!


Hi there !!!

I would like to join the club. Can you please send me the firmware?

Cheers !!!


@Bill.Kraft So cool that you’re sharing the firmware love!
@espinaker @Global_Miners@ @Iliyana_Zheleva How did you find the bitcoinpub?


Me? via google search, keywords: “antminer custom firmware”

I want to digg a bit in building my own custom firmware or finding the firmware used in the test fixture for hashing boards.

I assume this question is off this topic but anyone knows anything about it?