Any dudes with beards in here?!?!


I’ve been making my own beard oils for a while now and I finally ordered enough oils and bottles to start selling it. It keeps your beard nice and soft for the ladies (or dudes if you roll that way) and it tends to make your beard look longer as well once you brush it with the oil for a while because it keeps it from curling up so much. If anyone wants any let me know on here. I have a sandalwood scent and peppermint scent too for now. I plan on having different scents too. I’m going to send some to @peter to giveaway once I get them all bottled and labeled too. (And yes I accept crypto! :joy::joy::joy:)


i could never grow one because, biology.


Following post wish I could have a beard again, but I work in food.


@CryptoMykel Get a beard net dude! That’s what I do lol


I tried that but I hated the way it felt.


Man I’ll agree 100% there lol I don’t have to wear mine too often there but it is a pain in the ass after long amounts ts of time