Any Mascot or Character Designers?



Looking to put together a mascot and/or character design for #yen… any folks here in the pub got a portfolio I can review? Feel free to share!

I’ll DM folks more specifics after I have a few things to review.

Feel free to contribute your own version!


how about Bucky, the yender neutral sheep. To show that were all inclusive


cough Yen.IO Logo Ideas cough


So, an actual ‘YEN’ mascot, Hmmm.
Major shooting in the dark here John. Would probably need more theme oriented context or visual cues or something. Like you said, you still have a few things to review.
I dont think you need to see my portfolio, lol…:grin:

Before you call Fivver with your guide lines, please post your ideas here too.

I cant draw worth a shit but I got PS6 in my back pocket. Count me in. Ill take a crack at it.


Let’s keep that thread active, it’s a great idea and We have so many great talents.
For you graphics skilled, guys let’s do it!

Maybe that would be help-full


can Dragon be a choice i am not graphic designer though


Thinking Monkey has a good idea. He hasnt posted in here though.


Full disclosure, I do not really, “curate” or “upkeep” this as a, “portfolio”, per se. But hey…you asked, I’ll throw my iron into the fire…:joy::smirk:



Initial drafts of the yenicorn whale

Yenicorns, and Yeniwhales, oh my! Yen illustrated culture in the making

please put your suggestions here!