Any New CoinPuffs, "Featured Coins/Tokens" On The Horizon



Peter, John,

Are there any projects on your radar, that are in your, “trust queue” :wink:, or otherwise approaching, “Featured” status on CoinPuffs?

Not asking you to, “show your hand”, of course, just, curious about who might be, “in your bullpen”…

:hmmm: :mental:

p.s. John, could you please change the notation of, “:mental:” to “:mentat:”? #nerdlivesmatter:sob::sob::sob:


I’m thinking Zilliqa should be featured. Clearer programming language, higher TPS, first network to implement sharding, and will support DEX/Dapps. Should be better for the environment.


we’re taking time to review a few, for sure. @peter may update his list half-way through the year.


Next featured coin will be Elastos for sure. Just checked my crystal ball.


Roger that, I will be looking forward to that then. :lollipop: