Any Pub Members have Spirituality Interests?


Just curious, to get a feel of the crew here!

Anyone practice, read or simply interested in that side of Life?

For example:

Yoga, Sun gazing, Gurdjieff, Sadhguru, Jack Kruse, Bioenergetics, Alexander Technique, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, earthing, somatic meditation


Please share, would love to hear what you are up too!


i think there is a definite part of our lives that are spiritual and that is outside of who we are and what we can control. call it a higher power, but, i’ve seen some shit that makes it impossible for me to believe otherwise.


I believe that the bible is the word of God.


Dang sounds intense. Yeah agree :slight_smile:


I think we are all one being that can experience an infinite amount of realities and consciousnesses simultaneously. An Omni-being of sorts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Daaaaang yeah, please share more? How did you come to that realization lol


If you think about it everything is energy right? if you go down low to the sub-atomic level, it’s all energy.
Think about how vision works from between your eyes to your brain. Your eyes capture light signals, which are different frequencies of energy, the eyes convert that signal to energy sends it to the brain, the brain converts it into images. It’s electric signals that are converted in the brain. Energy, and that energy is that omni-being or what ever you want to call it. I could be more technical, that is just the basic idea. or maybe this is all a simulation and the energy is code. who knows.


Yes. I meditate in silence. Helps in introspection and clearing perspective.


Like one big Matrix web. It blows my mind, what the creator of the omni-being/energy is etc. So intelligent. Yet I forget it so often :slight_smile:

Like we are the creators of building a car or house, Peter and John are the creators of Yen but something else is the creators of us and Life.


And then who created that creator…


an Omni being would have always been. before the big bang it/we existed as energy. maybe without form. I guess I read too many comic books.


LOL same. Maybe there are infinity stones out there haha


I want the time stones so I can go back to 2009 to buy up so many bitcoin.


The eternal question…
I think we can all agree that something does not come from nothing…

A great place to start a search…


Bingo! And it’s been wiped from our current perceptive abilities


@peter If you have a free 29 minutes, I feel like you and many other pubbers would highly enjoy this conversation! I’m sure you have heard of Jordan Peterson…this is one of the most intellectual conversations I have heard about some of the most biggest philosophical questions that are relative today…radical personality transformation is also discussed (I know you know about this peter) and the question comes up whether it is justified and “better” or is it just a shift in beliefs. Also goes into both sides of the brain which is so fascinating. It has opened my eyes on how I and my family see the world…I feel most of my family is more left brain and right brain sufficient, when I am the opposite and willing to change the foundation of my left brain patterns to better understand reality as I know it. I’d love to discuss more if anyone wants to watch it!

ps…One good question in this video is…Do you guys believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent GOD? Or is GOD becoming…?


I do. The evidence, prophecies and personal life experiences are way too much to doubt.


I’ve seen this post at an extraordinary time. My father died two days ago. I went to the morgue to see the body. As well as the grief, it was also a confronting and profound experience, confirming for me my belief in the existence of soul. My dead father on the table was so VASTLY different to the one who was alive. It wasn’t like sleep. The body was a shell.

I can’t really explain it intellectually because it doesn’t lie in that realm. It drove home to me the profound mystery of life and death. I’m not sure about a God that sits like a literal heavenly father. But there is something sacred that lies behind the veil of the everyday, greater than my little ego that struts and frets and pushes it’s selfish agenda. There’s a love beyond that, and it feels to me to be sentient in some way.

I’m deeply suspicious of anyone with a fixed doctrine that claims exclusive rights to the truth about God. But I respect those who look beyond the obvious material existence, and who take time to honour and connect to the sacred, through church, or meditation, or poetry or nature. “In my fathers house there are many rooms…”



Sorry for your loss.

Recently, I had a health scare and experienced an inner silence that immediately put all my fears to rest. What I felt was my past and future closing in on me. I realized when I thought of the past, those memories would hit me like a ton of bricks and how foolish I had taken life for granted. As I swung the pendulum to the future, I felt how much I would be missing in life such as the growth of my 2 Sons and of course the wifey- well maybe lol… What I realized from the experience is that we are reluctantly sentient to the moment. (had to lookup sentient… did I use that word correctly? probably not) Any who, I caught my mind wandering in the past and future. Then and there I knew that if I allowed my mind to dwell in the past and future i would be miserable. Thus, the fear and the longing had instantaneously disappeared when I became a witness to my thought process. Once again, my eyes were wide open and for a brief moment in time, I saw beauty all around me in the form of complete utter silence. It’s impossible to explain in words through intellect/logic what i had felt but all I can say is that I was showered upon by the Universe. Is this what gurus call Enlightenment, where all thoughts completely stop? Where the “I” completely dissolves? Well, the “I” came back as soon as the Doctor told me you don’t have Cancer. Fast forward to this moment, I know I am not Enlightened but I do know that a greater place does exist and that place exist for all of us to experience. This place is called the present moment where time does not exist.

btw, I do not live by any fixed doctrine or religion. I am just religious and an immature practitioner of meditation.


Thanks for your thoughts. I had a similar experience a few years back where for, probably half an hour, I saw life around me without any description or concept. No thought, and an accompanying bliss. It dissipated once I started trying to describe the experience of course, but the sense of rightness and happiness kept glowing for days afterwards, and even once I slipped back into the human journey of ups and downs and over thinking things, I can honestly say that life never returned to the way it was pre-event. That knowledge of this field of beauty has remained, sometimes strong, sometimes just a faint memory. It’s good.