Anybody do GAB.AI?



Here is mine, clearly playing to the alt-right crowd… I know there is a growing population of people on Gab that are all about crypto…

It’s just too much for me to spam that board manually as we have all of our twitter systems hooked into our youtube videos, etc.

Would be nice to drop every video into Gab, but I just haven’t worked it into my workflow…

Just added my 3rd gab :slight_smile:


Just signed up to GAB looks good.
What are the benefits of this compared to YouTube?


Gab is the anti-twitter.
It’s not really for videos/youtube.
It’s for censorship free “tweeting” of sorts.
A lot of alt-right people use it.
It’s just a newer demographic.


You had me at anti-Twitter :+1:


With all of the censorship YouTube, Google, Tweeter are doing (hint: they are not that alt-right friendly) Gab is censorship free.


But I thought censoring is good in order to keep the snowflakes unharmed :thinking:


Ha Ha! So true…they do need their safe space. They are not warriors!! And will get ran over by a train!



Gab Community,

As many of you know the online censorship war has taken an even more extreme turn over the past several months. Not only are hundreds of thousands of people being banned and punished for political opinions on major social networks, but now many influential alternative media personalities and companies are being blacklisted and banned by payment gateways, processors, and even banks . This includes Gab, which has been banned by the payment processors Paypal, Stripe, Square, Coinbase, and Bitpay.

If you want to support alternative media, your favorite content creators, and free speech on the internet then you need to learn about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is free speech money . No bank, no corporation, and no government can stop you from sending or receiving bitcoin. Bitcoin can not be censored by anyone. Instead of putting your trust in a bank or government, both of which can fail at anytime as we’ve seen in Venezuela, with Bitcoin you are trusting a digital store of value that is backed by math and a decentralized network of “miners” who confirm the legitimacy of transactions.

Many people fixate on the price of Bitcoin. That’s not what is important here. What’s important is censorship-resistant free speech money and payment processing . As long as you own Bitcoin, you can support any person, business, or cause that you wish without permission from any bank, government, or corporation.

As the writer Beautyon notes: The United States of America can not regulate Bitcoin or stop it. In order to do so, they would need to destroy the First Amendment of the United States. Something that will not be allowed to happen by The People.

We recommend you visit to learn more and discover the best way for you to buy, store, and use Bitcoin. We also recommend Cash App, which is one of the easiest ways to get bitcoin right on your mobile device. You do not need to buy a full Bitcoin to use it. Just as you can buy a small portion of gold or separate a dollar into loose change: anyone can purchase $5 worth of Bitcoin or even $5 million worth.

Starting today is accepting Bitcoin for our optional GabPro service . You can upgrade to GabPro from your profile menu in the top right-hand corner at anytime. GabPro offers additional features such as the ability to apply for verification, lists, bookmarking, and more. Gab does not have ads or collect mass amounts of data like other social networks. GabPro and your support help us keep it that way.

Additionally, we are accepting checks and money orders to our PO Box. These are our only two options for processing payments at the moment. Gab’s woes with payment processors are the canary in the coal mine for free speech online. We need your support now more than ever and encourage you to learn about Bitcoin as soon as possible. The future of free speech on the internet depends on it.

GabPro/ Donations Payment Option

Mail check/money order to:
PO Box 441
Clarks Summit, PA 18411
Make checks out to: Gab AI Inc
Please include a note with your Gab username or we will not be able to give you GabPro.
6 Months: $30
12 Months: $60
5 years: $200
Lifetime: $500

Andrew Torba
CEO of


I know Andrew personally, I have one of the 1st 50 accounts from back when he handed them out one by one, I like my privacy

Andrew has the right vision, but he has a very weak team, I dont think Gab will survive long term


Thanks for the candor. I don’t think it’ll survive either…



Andrew is a Jew who converted to Christianity, now you understand why the world has come against him.


World you mean. Capital W.


thats correct…