Anyone investing in Holo (HOT)



Hi guys,

I’m not really sure about this tech. I read the article made by John which was great but it leaves me with more questions then answers.
Thinking gain wise the coin which is an ERC20 is pretty darn cheap right now. I’m wondering if anyone is investing in this.
I watched a video explaining there is no “coin” in Holochain but then again they say you are rewarded with “fuel”. Not sure if they are just fooling people or its really a difference here. You can still use this fuel to sell, buy more and speculate on it.
Some good videos about this:

What do you guys think? I’m trying to read the whitepaper but its way to technical.


All I know is that now is a good time to take profits, up 51% for the past 24h


clearly dogecoin 2.0. I wonder what the next 50% pump n dump will be.

From what I know about holo tho is that the token doesn’t really have a use case. @vampyren


seems like “hot” shit right now, as is every coin at some point, but imo it’ll die out, lose hype and fade away into the sea of alts. Much rather have equivalent amount of BTC at any given rate


Looking forward to tomorrow’s AMA, will post thoughts (I’ve been in since 8 sats, but I typically trade in/out of the ETH pair).


I did sell with 30% profit but it has gone up even more now. Ivan on tech did a video on it. Seems to be a good option for coding but not so sure if its good for store of value or “money”.
I wasnt really sure on all the details. I miss the videos @peter use to make on the tech side. Maybe him or @john can make a video on the subject. Can always hope.


I’ve looked into it. It wasn’t tingle worthy for me…


Holo tech is interesting.

But the token itself is useless, shame


A bit delayed, but here are my succinct thoughts, as well as notes on the holochain AMA conducted this past week on 9/4:

  • Holo is a fairly different direction as compared to traditional patterns and forms of economic activity

  • They are trying to build a new type of technical architecture with the chain - one that can support mutually opted-in forms of relationships

    • Ex: You and I can agree to recognize / play by certain pre-set rules, agreed upon terms for certain contributions to, so that we can sort of foster a positive or beneficial activity
  • Traditional: Centralized / Hierarchical

    • Holo wants to re-envision this top-down system, enabling a pattern of mutual sovereignty (similar to a biological system in nature)
    • Their goal is to unlock this pattern at all scales, and it will mean a whole lot of new economic activity, and how people work towards structuring relationships with each-other
  • At the more granular level: Holo is the hosting ecosystem - on top of which they will build a bridge from the holo apps back to the traditional web (so that people with a web browser can then interact with them, despite the fact that they are not actually running on holochain)

    • The goal here is to facilitate peer-to-peer web hosting, so that everyone in the world can interact with p2p schema centered holochain web apps
      • Alpha due by the end of the year (‘18)
      • Holofuel swap due after (holo tokens -> holo fuel swap)
  • How is Holo Fuel asset-backed?

    • People issue the fuel for an asset
    • People can then show up with a holo port and offer hosting
    • The way it is asset-backed is that the fuel is backed by hosting capacity
      • Pay-for-service promise, which is then delivered upon on the basis of doing computational work
      • Holo Fuel is backed by the actual hosting power, computation doing real hosting/storage/processing
      • Holo believes that traditional “mining” is wasteful, not doing something meaningful that people want (wasted energy)
  • The value of the currency will rise with the size of the Holo community

    • Goal is to enable an environment of bottom-up patterns to currency utilitzation
      • The belief here is that communities that have at least the basic infrastructure of smart phones, computers and internet are then able to foster flows of economic activity
  • Does Holo have competition?

    • Amazon’s AWS is competition in terms of web hosting
    • Holo is trying to do to Amazon what Uber did to Taxis
      • Doing the transactions for 1% or less (as opposed to Uber in this model, which takes a larger cut)
        • In this model however, your computer / machine does the work, and you will reap the reward (more direct incentivization)
  • Holochain is in essence a server-less, decentralized and distributed architecture, with Holo (the currency) as a holochain app.

  • Advantage of Holochain over current Internet

    • With the current Internet, you are the customer of Facebook, not the product - Facebook is thinking: “How can we sell ad-space for ads”
      • It’s not a system that was designed to serve you, it is a system that is designed to prey on you
  • With Holo, you get to decide how the app works with Holochain

    • You can add / extend it, add multiple apps together in particular ways to suite you and use it (modularity); its a level of agency and utility that will be profound

    • Ex: If you asked people if they had a mapping problem years ago, they said no - we have “Thomas Guide” (the physical mapping guidebook of the time)

      • Now today, with smartphones and google maps, along with responsive apps that put you in the middle - the difference was profound with this shifted model, it was so much better than the “Thomas Guide”, it drove adoption, and ultimately people to buy these $700 devices.
    • Similarly, Holo is trying to put the user in the middle, the user in control

      • The experience is much more useful/powerful in this way, and Holo feels that this will eventually be the key to drive adoption to the platform
  • Won’t this require specific knowledge for adoption?

    • No, someone will have to come up with the applications, but someone will come up with an app store, a bridge for applications, your friend will then come up and say, “Have you tried this?”. That is how adoption starts.
    • The more useful and empowering it is, by nature, the more successful it will ultimately be in driving adoption.


Excellent writeup. It sure has potential but lets see if adoption will really take off.


Indeed, we’ll have to see how they execute. It is still early days for so many of these projects.


Holochain is pretty ambiguous project. I like their idea about scalability, with this approach, the team may create really useful and powerful network. But with increased scalability, Holochain loses security because hackers can more easily get an access to data storages. By Holo I mean token, it’s non-obvious how people can use it in the ecosystem. Considering the fact that HOT is at the top of cryptocurrencies (47th as for end of September, 2018), I’d suggest getting some and checking price changes regularly. Traders can make money on it but if you want to really use tokens, I can’t say how you can do it. That’s all for now, let’s watch for the project’s developing.


What are you guys thinking about HOLO now? It seems to be getting lots of attention. I’m thinking about getting in. Thoughts?