Anyone know a good Crypto CPA?



Kate21, none of them are inexpensive. It’s understandable as they make money only a few months a year. Plus they feel they can get leniency from the IRS if there are questions. “but sir/ maam I paid lots of money for this package. It’s their fault!”

DM me if you have any tax questions/ comments.


I love Cointracking. Better than the rest in my opinion


What makes it your favorite Rebecca? Do you use it for your Crypto investor clients? Or just personal?


Both - my portfolio and my clients. I know the ins and outs of Cointracking now and I am a creature of habit. They support many exchanges, far more than the others.

Do you work for Zen Ledger? You are promoting them pretty hard on your other posts.


I do!

A couple of the CPAs with a crypto speciality I’ve talked to this season enjoy Cointracking, so it’s nice to understand what gives them appeal to you, and how we might improve.