Anyone mining MONA?

What pool are you using?

I have tried with and got nothing after 12 hours.

Now attempting supernova, but am having issues getting it working.

Where you guys having some luck?

Thanks Team!

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I needed to post that to figure out what I was doing wrong :slight_smile:

Supernova working

I am still interested to hear anyone else’s experience.

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No experience with Mona, but mining vertcoin it may take 24hrs to start seeing benefit.


Not mining MONA. Looked into it but went over to VTC instead. I’m really enjoying One Click Miner (OCM) and being able to setup a local node.

I know if VTC that you have to mine for about 24-36 hours before you will see your payouts. It’s to keep people from pool jumping. Might be the same for MONA.

You said you figured out what the issue was. Can you explain what it was and how you fixed it?


For sure!

I use Ethos, in the config file, for supernova, I set up the user as such

proxywallet {username}.{worker}

I had seen this as an example on reddit.

But after IRC with the ethos support team I learned that they automatically add your .{worker} to the end of the string.

So mine was looking like


When I removed my [worker] everything… Workered


The supernova dashboard is a little buggy, but I am seeing the unconfirmed balance rising at the rate I was expecting. So seems to be all systems go.

I will check out OCM also would like to try SMOS.

Multi rig soon so I can experiment :slight_smile:

Thanks ImaginaryPi, always appreciate your help and input!

also, JBarrett Thanks! I was not waiting long enough, the dashboard finally updated :slight_smile:


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