Anyone mining monero?


Profitability for Monero is pretty high right now according to whattomine. Is anyone mining right now? Share your configuration? (I’ve never v mined it)


Intentionally. MIRITE :sunglasses:


People who mine Monero usually don’t say they do…


I’m mining monero in computers that I got to keep online anyway, 2 core i7, one only mining cpu and the other mining gpu with a Quadro k1200 (not veeery good for mining), and a AMD fx8700 mining cpu and gpu (RAdeon rx 580). Profitability, around 30%, not considering initial hardware investment.


What miner, pool and wallet are you using?


xmr-stak, and Monero Wallet v0.11


I think my laptop can mine about $12 per month after bills…

If you want to browser mine, you can look up your CPU hash rate here:


I was surprised to see monero Still over 100$ Then I realized everyone and everything including the refrigerator is mining monero.


On my phone and my tv most likely.


Is there a straight forward tutorial for this? Now that my TV,. Phone and toaster are mining it, I’m interested to try it out with something that will deposit into an XMR wallet