Anyone mining with SBCs?

I have 3-4 ODROID XU-4’s that I am not doing anything with and it seems like there could be an application for CPU coin mining and I am extremely new to the space and even newer to trying to build a cluster. I figured this was the right place to ask for insight. Thanks in advance!

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I would be curious on this as I was thinking about clustering a few i3’s / i5’s but have never even looked into clustering so let me know wha tyou find out.


I found a video of an already set up cluster but no “all in one place how-to” this is larger scale than I planned but I am sure someone here can point me in the right direction. I just hate the idea of having processing power like these units collecting dust when I can’t find GPU’s without insane markups. I realize that’s not a fair comparison but still could allegedly be turning a profit.

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