Anyone want to hack a hacker?

So for the last few months I’ve had some random bull shit happen. Dating profiles made with my name, my Facebook getting reactivated, and today my instagram was reactivated. I found the email from Instagram where they changed the email for my account. If you know how to hack their shit and blow up their computers or whatever please do it. Here is their email.


You know, the Internets has a reasonable way to tackle the bad actors.

If this were me, I would contact Instagram (or one of the services where they logged in with your account) and explain to them that your account is compromised and you would like the source IP of the last login.

Then go to:

Plug in the IP and it tells you which ISP it is.

Then send the ISP a nice email about how a user of their service is doing illegal activities and provide the IP, the time and the email and suggest that if the ISP doesn’t respond, legal action may be taken (of course it’s a bluff, but it makes them nervous).

The person will get cut off from the ISP and then have to explain to his Russian mum and dad why the ISP cut them off without a refund, not to mention other ISP’s will blacklist them.

I wouldn’t want to be in that kid’s shoes after that.

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