APPII: "World's First" Blockchain Career CV...? 🤔

APPII wants to maximise the potential of everyone and has features on its website and mobile apps that does that. Individuals can maximise their potential and businesses can minimise their costs and administration whilst quickly finding students and talent. Discover easy access to your profile, biometric identification, career verification logs and a micro-accreditation capture tool using QR codes.

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Verifying the information on a candidate’s CV is a crucial step in recruitment. It’s pretty unlikely that an applicant is going to falsely claim that they moonlight as an astrophysicist or world champion kickboxer, but checking a candidate’s qualifications and career history can mean the difference between finding a suitable and unsuitable worker. It also gives kudos to the applicant that they are who they claim to be.

London-based APPII, claiming to be the world’s first blockchain career verification platform, is aiming to make this process easier and more transparent through the launch of ‘verified’ career profiles. The firm has created the service in partnership with Technojobs, one of the country’s leading IT recruitment sites.

According to APPII, the platform allows individuals to create career profiles which are verified using blockchain technology. These ‘Intelligent Profiles’, APPII claims, can be used to verify a candidate’s qualifications, career history and career achievements.

Individuals can add their education, professional training and work experience, and use QR codes to record ongoing development and course attendance. These additions are verified by the employer, and stored securely and permanently, for free.

The platform also uses biometric identification to assure the validity of candidates, and APPII asserts that the tech can even match a selfie taken on a phone with the candidate’s official photographic identification.

Gary McKay, Managing Director and Founder of APPII commented: “Our aim has long been to help maximise candidates’ potential, and Intelligent Profiles not only offer individuals the opportunity to create a blockchain verified CV for the first time, but also use them to apply for roles through the Technojobs website.”

Anthony Sherick, Director of Technojobs, added: “We are delighted to partner with the APPII platform and be the first jobsite in the world to offer blockchain verified CV’s to employers.

“Technojobs candidates will also have the opportunity to create a verified CV. We recognise the significant benefits this will bring to the hiring market and recruitment process if candidate details can be verified prior to job application.”


Wow, this is a breakthrough!
I didn’t even know there was such a thing, it makes a lot of things easier. Now it’s much easier to reveal and show your potential, it’s very cool!

Great platform, what you need in our time. I once interviewed a guy who looked good and smart. The dialogue with him immediately went well, but when I started looking at his resume, some of the data did not match and this misled me. Then it turned out that he wrote it according to a template by and in some points he made a mistake, although the summary was good enough. Therefore, it is very cool that such a platform exists, you can avoid such moments.

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