Apps That Can Use Blockchain



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Was there mention of the “things you can only do with blockchain?”

One that stands out for me is:

A Fully Replicated Immutable Data Store.

Try setting up a replicated data store that can have a mirror of the data on more than 3 nodes, you start running into problems, even with databases, but not with Blockchain technology.

This opens the doors to many possibilities for those who think outside the square.

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I believe blockchain will become much more feasible over time, and that B & C will become equals to A. One big problem with many platforms is that they’re trying to develop solutions that blockchain simply can’t handle yet. It’s like trying to create a MMORPG when dialup internet is the only option available for connectivity.

Disregarding that, blockchain still excels at one of my personal favorites, and that’s the exclusion of third parties. There are many more reasons like @Mike_Fishy stated above, but the current developments have to fit with its constraints. These take time to grow out of.

Lucky for us, technology keeps moving faster during this time period :slight_smile: .


Back in the dial up day, there is also a company which has same business model as Netflix.

They have to die because the internet infrastructure couldn’t handle it yet.