Apw3++ power supply for Antminer D3 question

So I have a D3 and an Apw3++ coming in sometime in the next few months, and I was wondering on the wiring on the PSU. Is it better to use 110 or 220, does it make a difference on the hashrate? I believe that the 110 would be hotter, correct? Any info on this would be great!

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The voltage in really depends on your PSU. in the states we have 110v and 220v in other parts of the world you have 240v. most PSU’s for desktop computers and electronics work off of 110v and will push out a few rails like -12v -5v 5v 12v. yes neg 12v and neg 5v.

only if you don’t give it enough to run or make it blow magic blue smoke.

What is getting hot? if you have power cables getting hot you have another issue all together of trying to pull too much current through the lines. in that case you would need to look at some other things.

Hope some of this info helps

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from what i have seen with 220 you use less power (about 50 watts less) if running only one machine. No diff on the hashrate. Hotter? Just be sure your wiring (extension cord if used) isnt a cheap one and is rated to the proper amps (20)

I believe that if you have 2 L3+'s you can run both off of one power supply @220
(The APW3++ can deliver a maximum power of only 1200W if it is connected to a 110V mains power supply. To obtain the rated power of 1600W, the APW3++ must be connected to a 220-240V mains power supply.)

but it can only run one D3, because the D3 uses more power than the L3+.


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