Arb Arbitrage. Any thoughts?


What do you guys think of the ARB Arbitrage coin?
They claim to have Arbitrage Bots. The first one is called the Abot which is currently live, it does automatic arb trades for you. And are going to release their Mbot which is a manual arbitrage bot that can be used on the platform.

Would like to get your guys feedback and thoughts on the platform?
There is a video of David Peterson the CEO showing the manual bot in action


I did not deep dive into this, but can say from personal experience that arbitraging opportunities are getting harder and harder to come by, esp. manual ones as everybody and Joe’s brother is also building or running their own arbitraging bot, so I only suggest treading carefully with anyone’s bots and tools. Two rules for sure:

  1. If they’re asking for your private keys to control your wallet with their bots, DO NOT BE TEMPTED. 99% chance it’s a pure scam.

  2. If they are running an online service you’re depositing funds to, research the domain, the company, and people running it. Look only for businesses and domains that have been around at least 2 or 3 years and with profiles easily found and verifiable.


I am in DEEP, Thank God :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Have a couple of guys at work in this. Has 2 timed since last week. I’m not in it but they throw it in my face throughout the day.


Its almost 5x since i first started looking into it… I watched a few live youtubers interview the CEO David Paterson… Very interesting… They are releasing their Manual Bot this month based on the roadmap, and one of the Youtubers said he spoke to the CEO and he was saying the MBot is on track and they have some website updates coming up soon…


I got in massive with 0.40cent avg. for 1 ARB … I have Investors in my PoolChannel with 300 K ARB … they went over night to millioners … so cool …

This is going to be a good platform …


Any thoughts on the team?

  • A CEO with only 55 LinkedIn connections
  • A CTO without a LinkedIn profile
  • Dodgy photo’s

Seems shady. I too got a friend who is lightly invested in ARB and has become a fan. Not sure what to think.


I think you said it all right there…sometimes companies started by just developers can have a mess from a public appearance perspective, so if you’re seriously interested, then I’d look around for others that have tried the platform and written about their experience and I’d definitely look at how it operates (i.e. does it require you giving them any private keys, etc.). Above board operations will have a very solid feel to them whereas the shady ones produces that, “uhhmmmm…I dunno quite what to think” feeling. That’s a gut instinct I’d trust more than anything and let others go first in line.


Yeah many were asking about his Linkin.

He did a interview with Crypto Austin last week. Check the link:

He says one of the dev team guys created the profile for him. He doesn’t use it. But yeah check the interview let me know what you think?:slight_smile:


Nice interview. Can anyone guess where Crypto Austin comes from? :joy:

The interview increased my confidence in the team but didn’t totally convince me. 2 small issues/ questionmarks remain:

  • The text on their website under Team is very well written, seems a disconnect with the crappy photo’s and the lack of activity on LinkedIn,
  • I suppose the team knows that investors look at the team as an important clue as to whether the team is trustworthy, why not put a little effort in upgrading that page?

However, the interview increased my confidence enough to invest $500. If all goes well, i’ll increase that after 2 weeks with the same amount every week until i feel i have enough.

Thanks Andreas and MwLang


Crypto Austin is from Aus of course lol.

Awesome stuff that your going to invest in ARB I would given you my reference number for 2% and since it will be from your money. I am not bother it’s awesome to see such a platform.

Talking about interviews there will be a live video on Pj3 YouTube page on August 1st with David in the states somewhere disclosed under a disclosed agreement. Adam Hole, Pj3, Crypto Austin and Crypto Whale will be there to meet David in person and to see ARB offices/HQ so they can see it is real:)

There some big announcements coming that day so we are all excited and anticipating!


Awesome, thanks!

I’ve already received a referral code from a friend.


No worries:)

I got a few friends on. But yeah not too bothered about referral code… what i like is that is it not a referral driven program. I think we are lucky to have such a awesome program!


I am pretty impressed with ARB, so much so I put 13k in today after testing $466 for a week. The compounding on this is crazy! Going to go 1 month then add 15k more. The wife wants to stop at that and go 90 days more before i add anymore. Also she wants me to pull profits off the platform every 30 days, about 7k per month. So I will keep you guys updated on this. Looking forward to mBOT and Vault coming soon to ARB. To the moon!


Hey did you get to withdraw? You must’ve made thousands!!!


I been withdrawing every month without flaw… since day 1… and since i had my wife, brother, parents and father in law… and a few friends… they all really happy… and everyone who lost crypto to the bear market have been able to cover those losses in only a few weeks:)

Oh and ARB actually were at World Crypto Convention this week. And manage to win the Token Tank (Its like the Shark Tank), the judges jaws dropped when the CEO David Peterson had a answer for all their questions…
Brock Pierce (Net worth 900m-1b in crypto) was one of the judges and apparently he had a good conversation with David and saying goes he thought the ARB token will be a Token to have going into 2019.

They will be on the podcast Bad Crypto Podcast show soon to chat with the guys because they won:) (Bad Crypto Podcase episodes get up 10mil total views so its quiet big)

I didnt at first think of putting my referral on this post… but I have realized there are alot of people out there who been helped by to get into this platform… and to date everyone who has had atleast 1x-10x their initial investment. If you keen to join and would like to use my referral link please dont hesitate to do so.

If you have any questions or need any help with the Platform I dont mind helping or advising any questions:)