Are we still DCA'ing IOTA?


Looking painful.

|Total Invested|Total Porfolio|||



i kinda stopped with iota and focused on adding to neo and etc instead while they are down


I cant access peters sheets, is he still cda icx, ada and iota?


I would say given the discipline he has on stuff like this, that he is


Agree with you @Brett240 I would assume he probably has it all setup automatically too.


I wouldnt DCA into anything but bitcoin. id avoid altcoins like a plague.

if you absolutely must DCA into an altcoin id recommend only NEO, as if you DCA/Hodl that at least it pays you a dividend even if the price doesnt increase or continues to slid. the more NEO you accumulate, the more GAS dividends you will see.


That’s pretty much what I was wondering too. hmmmmmmmmmm


Not I not I. I am DCAing VET and ZRX ,got rid of IOTA months ago


Same is the case with VeChain Thor


Im pretty sure he’s still doing it… the point of a DCA is to invest regardless of price… and stopping when prices are so low makes no sense at all…


I am. When I got hacked last year we lost all of those sheets…


I’m trying hard to stick to the plan. I’m actually finding myself getting greedy while these prices are low. Wanting to buy before Friday. I did a couple times.


So are you a bitcoin maximalist?


Story time?

Or did I miss what happened and you already have a thread about it?