Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



You’ve been here since the beginning and helped us build an amazing community foundation in 2017! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Check it out here:

Make sure you add your name to this thread and share with us the day you signed up and I’ll give you the badge! You can even make it your title if you want.

Thank you so much for your support!

Oh, and new emoji too: :2017: (:2017:)


Cool this is Awesome. Not sure what your cut off date is but been here since like day 3-4 I think.


proud member since August :beers: :slight_smile:

Let´s go for an awesome 2018 :rocket:


Been here since day 2 baby. WOOT WOOT!


Oh boi, I member…
So much happened since the beginning of The Pub.


@bmarx4 Does August 21st count?


August 17th was the day I found this amazing place


I was here from the day 1. Proud to be a member of such an awesome community.
2017 was a great year. 2018 is going to be a :bitrocket: year!


25th of August 2017 :smiley:


@BlackKitty Aug 16, 2017


@Rick Aug 12, '17 #aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhcharacterlimit


I checked when I received the confirmation email haha :smiley:

EDIT: or don’t be stupid like me and click on your avatar ˇˇ


click on your avatar :wink:


@Vicros since Aug 19, 2017 :megusta:


@doifeellucky since Aug 17, 2017.


@mootjel 7 September


August 29, :2017:. How old is the pub?


around August 11th i guess


August 16th here, what is the cutoff date?


I was born at August 12, 2017 13:53 :clock2:
(4 days after my first BTC fragment investment)