Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



Yes, but it’s worth it times a thousand. I’m one. :doge:


August 17!

Wish I had more time to contribute to this awesome community you guys have built (soon I will).
Very impressive!


Loving the bitcoin pub more and more everyday !!!


@john, even then, you still haven’t given me the founding member badge? Why am I discriminated? First the patron badge and now the founding member.


August 17, 2017!!!


November 13th 2017, Oh Yeahh!!!



@ChazzleDazzle Been here since August 31st!


December 27th 2017 Im in the crew too


Joined Dec 9, '17 Made it before 2018 :smiley:


Joined October 23rd, 2017 !

Thanks for everything Pub!


Yoyoyo! Been here a couple months, glad to be an early member of the Pub!


Watched bitesizebitcoin for a few weeks then joined the pub on: 8-17-2017

Thank you for all you do


Joined Dec 24th, Glad to be a part of the community!


Give me a badge John, I don’t know when I joined but it was definitely in the 1st week of launch.


Joined August 17th I think, just haven’t been very active cause life!


Although I mainly just lurk here, I joined sometime in September.


Hello. I come from December…

And I’ve been visiting every day!


@wzow Since August 16th, 2017


Been here since August 13, 2017 and haven’t been able to stay away!


i dont know when i registered, i was mostly a reader, im here for the gainz and explosions … in the pants…