Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



JoinedAug 20, '17 in case it counts :slight_smile: cheers :beers:


I’ve been here kogi mok-da since day one! :bitrocket:


Been in the pub since Aug 16th 2017!


Joined on Aug 21, 2017!


YOOOOOO! i am since… 20 Aug 2017…
I want my seat in the nice ship chair!


I am a christmas baby, was doing some research found the amazing content Peter was providing on youtube and didn’t miss the chance to join this amazing community!! Proud to wear this badge!!!


Wow, this thread blew up large. You all refugees from Peter’s live stream today?



I don’t quite remember the exact date but I joined the pub in late 2017! :smiley:


Member since 10/4/17 :-)!



Finally joined on 12/7/17! :2017:


Hello Peter & John
I Joined on 12/17/17


In November 2017 I got my ticket to the moon im just waiting for the rocket to fill up with the crytonation and then we’re off :rocket:


Was lurking for awhile then joined on Jan 2, 2018!! Does that count?


@josephwu1994 Aboard 08/16/2017


Welcomed aboard on Sept 17, 2017 :cowboy_hat_face::litecoin::bitrocket::bitrocket::bitrocket:


Here since August 2017 LETS GOOOO


Haha awesome , 13th of August for me !

Props to @Peter and @john for the BITCOIN PUB!



Officially made an account on November 27, 2017. :grinning:


Been here since the 13th of August 2017


December 31, 2017! To the moooooooooooooooooon!