Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



Been following the dogelord since 08.17.17 - Dam, time flies. :beer:


In since December 2017!

Cant wait for the years to come! You guys have enhanced my life!



12 Aug 2017: 2:26am.


how many seconds @ben ?


August 18th, 2017 here :slight_smile:


I was born here. Boom. I win.


August 11th. :smiley:



Lets see what my exact date is.

Dec 21, '17

Ive been browsing through the pub for a long time but only signed up on the 21st. Haha.


December 28th 2017, I guess I am still in 2017, haha.


Member since 22nd of December. Happy to of found you Peter at the Bitesize bitcoin and Decentralized tv Youtube channels and now be on the You’ve helped me out so much already and its greatly appreciated… Much love from Scotland


August 23rd yooooo!!!


Joined in August '17. Cheers!


August 2017 Baby here!

Would love that Founder badge yoooooooo!


Hi, I’m here since Oct 2017.
Loving the community and the info.


I’m a little slow, but first checked in officially on Nov. 9, 2017, I do believe, but didn’t make first entry til Dec 15th or so. Better late than never, and glad to be here. :2017: Hoping for a kick ass 2018 :rocket: When was day 1?


I’m glad I joined in time (Dec 29, '17) to get the 2017 badge next to my Patreon badge, I guess :smiley:


Wichal [ we ~ shaal ]


Joined Dec 18, '17 :slight_smile:


17th Sept.

Do I get extra points for being on one of Peter’s bump sticker youtube intros from back in the day?! lol


I joined Dec 11, '17 4:42 PM :thinking:


Joined 15th Oct

not much but I can look back and see how much the pub help me in many ways :smiley: