Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



I also would like to know what was day 1.


Joined Nov 26, 2017

Learnt most about crypto from here !!
Cheers to the pub


So if I signed up in 2017, I’m a founding member?


I joined 12 september 2017. And i am grateful that i did


ShoNuff, since August 31, 2017


Woop! Aug '17


11th August 2017 - Yeah Baby !



Getting more and more engaged in The Pub. I just sent about 30 people inquiring about Bitcoin, to the Beginners tutorial in The Pub! Best place to properly educate people on what they’re investing in. I wish I had that when I started doing my due diligence. Would have saved me tons of time listening to FUD. I tell people to educate themselves on what they’re investing in. If you get in on FOMO, you’ll just as easily get out on FOMO. Education solidifies longevity! Thanks for all you guys do! #tothemoon


I’m not sure what day I actually joined, but my oldest comment was on August 31 when I joined up with B90X.


Joined 31 dec 2017, that’s still 2017 right :stuck_out_tongue:


Joined 17 August 2017. Lurking, Patreoning, grinding and spreading the word IRL.


Since Aug17 :smiley: :sunglasses:


Sep 2, 2017 the day I joined!


Had to be late August… Early September!


Joined the pub back on August 11th, haven’t been that active because life gets in the way but I read as much as I can and will be joining patreon soon! @john @peter love what you guys have accomplished since the beginning!!! Doing it bigly :doge:


Hi, I’ve been on the pub since August 14. Haven’t been that active posting however i did take time to read and learn from your experiencies almost daily. I hope i’ll be able to start giving back soon. Thank you to @peter and @john for this wonderful community.


Signed up 14 Aug 2017 - Well that is when my welcome message from the Doge Lord is!

But have been in and out (due to work commitments) ever since


9/15/17 the beginning of a beautiful relationship!!!


Since August 2017.
Thank you for everything.


Joined: Aug 22, 2017