Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



Joined Friday 11th August 2017 :slight_smile:


joined 25th aug 2017 :grinning:


I joined December 29th 2017


joined August 16, 2017! Randomly stumbled upon one of peter’s youtube videos and fell in love with the Pub!

I’ve been a lurker but I’ve learned so much since joining the pub that I had to become a Patreon and pay it forward!


August 17 here. The bitcoin pub is one of the best things about crypto!


Aug 24, '17



Badge recieved. Thanks!! Now give me all you ICX! Lol


Awesome! Thanks for the Badge John. Must be difficult sifting through all the posts lol.


Granted Aug 29th '17

Straight Up “OG” in the Heezy…
May I be deemed worthy of a Founder Badge please?


Does 28th of August count?


Nov 11th been here everyday since wish i joined sooner. dont know if i can get the founder badge (would be awesome) but im working on the 100 consecutive day badge. 40 days to go!!


@Phant0m August 16… IDK if that counts


August 20th, 2017

Only wish it was sooner!


Joined in August or Sept of 17’


@tommyfongmac Aug 17!!


I signed up on September 9th but I know I had visited the site many times before actually signing up. The giveaways from the Doge Lord brought me here, but the content and folks here made me stay :smiley: :rocket:


Thanks John! Smashing the bitesizebitcoin YouTube like button since November, registered here Dec 24th 2017


Been a member from Aug 14, 2017 :doge: Thanks for the badge!


HI @john

may i have my badge please? :smile: August 17


August 17th, '17! :sunglasses::grin::beer: