Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



I joined in September last year I think. Not sure if that counts lol


Tyler Falcon - Proud Member since 9/2/2017
In times like this a new Badge would be much appreciated haha
HODL! :sweat_smile::fire:


Can I still get a badge? Been around since Aug. 14 :slight_smile:


Joined Dec 27 2017 does that count?


been here under a week, and loving it more than bitcointalk!


Hi John, i joined 4th September, cryptodrunk since then!! heheh


@john I think I might be.


December 23, 2017
I got here as fast as I could!


Joined Sep 24, '17

yes Sir you are!


Jan 1 2018 here I am a new years baby lol!


I’ve been following you guys closely since Nov 2017, and was saving for the Quartermaster membership level but was finally able to join Jan 4th (any chance I can be grandfathered in? It would be an honor!)


Joined the 13th of august, am i one ? thanks !!


I think you might have joined to early… for founding member lol your more of a real OG I’d say.

By the way im jealous of the real OG tag wish i child get one.

Psstt… ill give you tons bcc for yours if you get it


haha thanks mate haha


August, 12. Thanks @peter and @john for all you’ve done for us ;).


Dam OG’S. In the house tonight!!


Hey now… there’s blood in the water… the real og’s know what’s up.


that’s why I’m still around learning from others experience sometimes you gotta shut up n just listen to the old man and. Thank you all for sharing it !!




I’ve been lurking the interwebs since the 90s
I only lurked here until 12/25/17. :sunglasses: