Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



1/1/2018 :slight_smile:

new yr new me


Badge or no badge I will still be hanging around every year in the pub keeping an eye on you @john


you’re in the club now brosef!


I joined in December :frowning:


August 30, 2017 here :slight_smile:


Started stopping by the pub in December 2017 :slight_smile:


Ive been in the pub sin early Jan


Proud member since August 11th.


Happily learning from the pubbers since Aug 21 '17


Thank you, kind sir. I hope your planning to take a day or two off this year.


I joined Aug 29, '17, and have loved being here ever since!


and we’re glad you’re still here!


Been here since August 18th 2017… please sir, may I have a Badge?


I found the pub on Aug 15 2017. I also convinced my wife to come and join in on the fun! Great community and I am really thankful to have found you guys.


Joined August 17th! Can I have the cool badge please?


17th August 2017 :rocket:


August 11th 2017 can I get me one of those Badggiees … :cowboy_hat_face:


why you lying bro sakdlfj


Been lurking since day one!


Hahhaa. The internet knows forever :slight_smile: