Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



Can’t remember when I joined, but I joined as soon as I heard about it. I think it’s in Aug.


joined the pub september 17


What a great ride with all of you :heart:


12th of August 2017👊


Will you share some membership growth stats?
Is there a place to see the current number of members?


17th of August 2017…damn makes me feel old :smiley:


Here since August 16th 2017 - Very happy to be around. Title sounds sound.


Yeah man! The gray represents seniority.
Or shallI say wisdom?


132 days and counting :slight_smile:


Joined Aug 19, '17

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October 2017, Probs one of the first from South Africa.


Been here since august. Keep up the great work!



Joined Aug 12, '17

can´t believe it´s so long


…literally read this after clicking my avatar XD


August 12th 2017 which was four days after I first got into crypto. Thank you guy for making this such a great place to learn all things crypto!!!


August 11th!!! Das Muthafukkkin right!!!:doge::doge::doge::2017::2017::btc::bitrocket:


I got it and set! Thank you @peter, @john and the community for the clear path into the crypto world. In this year I will be able to follow my dreams and make them happen much easier :star_struck:


Nice! I’m here since approx Aug '17. :slight_smile: :2017:


Hey I joined August too :grin: #CRYPTONATION #IMWITHCHUCK


Yours truly… Aug 11, '17