Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:




Certified Sep '17 :2017:


Aug 16, '17 9:29 PM |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| :hulksmash: :2017::btc:


@john I have my first email form BTCPub on 04/16/17 so I assume thats when I first signed up… was a lurker before that! Is this to late to be a founding member!? :frowning:

EDIT: Was actually the 4th of sept.


13th of December 2017 Best Decision I ever made :rocket::grinning:


Wait, what? :question:
How did I get this badge on Aug 17th then?

This badge is granted for visiting 10 consecutive days. Thanks for sticking with us for over a week!
Granted Aug '17



Joined Sep 28, '17 and have zero regrets! Working on that Aficionado badge but I may have taken a day off at some point thanks to Peters advice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What a ride so far!! Treated myself to shapeshifting my initial investment into a heap o power tools, and turned a fat stack of gains into more fat stacks!! Couldn’t have done it without yall! 2018 is shaping up to be a marvelous year! CoinPuffs and Cryptoyum are sure to be additional arrows in the quiver. Cheers fellows (insert Cerveza emoticon here)


I’ve been a Patron for about 2 weeks. Is that a founder, or am I still just a flounder?


Whats up PUB!..Sept. 1, 2017


joining the pub was one of the wisest and most rewarding things i did in 2017.


17th of August 2017 !



Aug 11
@john I been waiting for this badge to drop.


Joined August 27th…


Twas August the 17th for me.


I can haz badge?


Since August 16th mate, so glad to be here!!!


Signed up on August 17th


December 10th super noob


Hi im a December noob as well :smiley:


Veteran here from dec 29 '17 )