Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



So awesome. I’ve been here since October and I am so grateful to have found this amazing community! Became a Patron in November!


Hey, wait. I’d travel to a cryptonauts meeting! Hope that is done again!


I believe December 20th of 2017 was my first day here (:slight_smile:


October 9th I became a member and I’ve been here probably every day since! Thanks @peter and @john and the rest of the pub! I’ve had a great time in the pub with all you scallywags! :skull_and_crossbones::beers::btc: (there’s no PIRATE emoji? WTF! :slight_smile: )


Ladies and gentlemen,

None of you proved it with a screenshot! I started joining on August 12!
:muscle:Proof here: image


Official since October 17th :bitrocket:


Aug 16, '17 is when I first joined the PUB :slight_smile:


My first post was 18th August 2017. :beers::beers::beers:


Aug. 17th joined the pub. Finally became a Patron today!


i’ve missed seeing you around these parts my friend.


you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty. :slight_smile:


Joined November 17, 2017. Looking at these posts I feel like I might have been late to the party!



Proud member since Oct. 20th and going strong! Love you guys!


I’m adding an extra reply just to show off the new avatar/icon I uploaded in honor of receiving my Founder’s badge. I’m such a ham. :slight_smile: :doge: approved message



but… it’s so scary.


You should see him when he gets mad! You won’t like the Doginator when he’s mad! :slight_smile:


2018 is going to be amazing looking forward to hanging out more with the Cryptonation


Hey John,

I’m so thrilled about my founder’s badge that I decided to make a video of myself watching DCTV:


I just joined a couple of days ago, stumbled with a video of the youtube channel BiteSizeBitcoin and came here, loving the comunity from the posts I’ve read so far, wish I could’ve known you guys earlier !