Are You a Founding Pub Member? :2017:



Joined Aug 24, '17 and couldn’t be happier with this community. Still trading my way up to my moon ticket but will definitely become a patron when I do. Thanks for all the work you guys do here @john & @peter .


Joined late November/early December hope that’s not too late :smiley:


My date of joining The BitcoinPub was August 15.


August 14 here. Glad I found this awesome community! Thanks to you I made many big gains in the last month. I hope we can continue that way…


Been here since August 17th. Glad i found this place. It has helped me a lot with my decisions!


Dam. How do you know how long you been on for. Doesnt even have me on it.




You may need to click the expand button off to the right.


a bit late to the game, I signed up December 26th !


Joined Aug 18, '17


still love u guys :kiss:


Joined 31 August, best place around! :bitrocket:


Been here since Aug2017, the exact date escapes me. Old age…sigh.


Day 6 here :slight_smile:


on the 7th of September I finally decided to join after being a quiet observer for a while


Been here since August 19 2017. Been making that money ever since.


Joined in August of last year and its the best move I made in crypto since buying my first bitcoin.


I joined August 12th, 2017. :slight_smile:


20 Oct 2017! Best crypto community by far


What are the conditions of being a founding member? Do you have to be a patron?


Sep 1, '17 @john yoooo