Are You a "Ticket Hodler" (New Badge)?! 🚀 🎫 🤩



Are you a Ticket Hodler? We’ve created a new badge for those who have been able to patiently and strategically invest in their own future and grab that coveted one :btc:!

Please provide evidence that it’s your account… think of Reddit-style “this is me” type of thing! Send it to me via DM!

Can’t wait to start giving out this badge!


Is (more than) 1 BTC in terms of portfolio value going to make it, if we decided not to get 1 whole BTC? :slight_smile:


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ we want to encourage folks to invest in the big daddy. :slight_smile:


Technically that ain’t “the ticket” to the ship so answer is NOPE!


Mostly in alts for now - it’ll have to wait a bit :wink:


Dollar Cost Averaging:

Get some.


Oh, I’ve got some. But 1 BTC would be about 40/50% of my portfolio, and I don’t want to have that much right now. Sorry for going off-topic.


Can i get more than 1 ticket holder badge haha… I’m ready… The ship is rumbling!! :rocket::crescent_moon: what kinda proof you need?


I think i proved this already John in my message. :wink: cam you ship badge my way.


What kind of “Proof” would you like?


You can send something to me via DM if you’d like.


Do you have any upgrades on the standard 1BTC ticket? Just sayin :smiley:


Is there a Doge holder badge? I dont feel complete without one.



Yeah…I want the $100k tag!


Oh… we need the dogenaire badge too :joy:


I rewarded this to myself :troll: .




Right there with you @CryptoMom


I hope I get there after this storm!