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The growth is real… it’s time to get technical!
Welcome @TheNewEra to DCTV!


Finally we got someone who knows what they’re talking about around here. @TheNewEra


Armando, good job man. Glad you’re doing this.


Good job man! Noticed you were using default settings on your cloud, 20/60/120/30 are better settings to use for 24hr crypto market. That gives you the 8hr cloud on the 4hr chart. With those settings the cloud is actually acting as resistance on the 4hr chart.

Im seeing the same thing you are with 4hr macd sitting at neutral with lower levels of positive momentum. If we make another run up to resistance and fail to break it we are going to form bearish divergence on 4hr macd. The low levels of volume are definitely concerning, we’re going to need a lot more to break out.The bulls are definitely making a go of it that’s for sure. If we do break resistance my target will be the .50 fib @6750 and the next would be the .618 @6900

Im leaning bearish but not enough information to make a call one way or the other yet. Patiently waiting for clearer signals until then. Waiting for an entry at bottom of wedge i have charted currently, which i may have just missed lol but 4hr macd just crossed.

Fib targets:

Keep up the good work everybody, alpha class must of been awesome you guys are crushing it!


Absolutely. Alpha class is how we launch stars! :comet:



Thanks for the insights @TheNewEra
The audio seems a bit low on this second video.



Thanks for shout out @TheNewEra,that was nice of you! i’m still learning too, i happened to study up on ichimoku recently and wanted to pass that along. TA is just educated guessing anyways :smile: All we can do is interpret to the best of our ability what the market throws at us and keep our risks to a minimum. Another good video, keep them coming!



Thanks for your feedback Lance, i really appreciate it.





Sorry all, forgot to post this earlier today





Cant believe it. On the dollar!