Ascertaining interest for a PUB meet in the UK! Lets do this!


Hello all!

I know the planned pub UK meet that so many of you put effort into in helping me to facilitate never happened last year, and for genuine reasons, however; we are in a new year and no such reasoning exists to try and not make this happen!

There needn’t be any formal structure or crazy planning, but rather, a spontaneous discussion of a simple get together. And my word is my pledge that i would love to meet those of you in the UK, and finally get together.

I understand, historically, there have been let downs and disappointment but i assure the decision to call it off was for genuine reasons; however, that is past, this is present!

Please drop a comment to show any interest in getting this thread going, and making it happen!

PUB style


I love it. I’m not no longer in the UK, but who knows. Who knows! I look forward to see that happening. Peace


Yeah I think I’d be up for that


It would be amazing for anyone to want to attend from any country or continent, i would love that! But i feel like now is a very appropriate time, and long awaited, to try and make this happen. And i hope we can make it happen!!


I’m up for this, always good to meet a fellow red. Been a season ticket holder for many years and always buy the mag. (I assume your username isnt just random :grin:) I don’t post much on here but pretty much read everything.


Great idea!

Things happen in life that are out of our control so therefore you must live in the present!
I am not in london atm but am always checking in on the PUB so if this does happen let me know because its worth the flight!

Long live the Crypto Nation


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Where are most people from?


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No exact time as such bro but if given adequate notice we should be good.


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Bitcoin Pub user’s in the UK. Needs updating as i done this a while back, but for reference, take a look.


here is the map i made bro


London is the best bet, I’m doncaster so a train is only an hour and a half


Looking at the map; yes we have a lot of users in London, and the transport options makes it easy to get to; but when reviewing where everyone is, and those who may be interested:

Midlands is really the centralized location, Birmingham. I understand it is hard to make this happen with us all scattered of the country; but i couldn’t expect someone from scotland, who may want to attend, travel to London just for ease for the majority.

Suffice to say, the meet up we had planned was amazing, and for reasons it did not happen. But this one can.

I can offer my 100% commitment and facilitation for this, and to make it easier for most; Birmingham is the most central area based upon the demographics of the user base


Fair enough, I’ll be up for anywhere tbh. I’m pretty lucky to have good train routes


If it’s in Brum then count me in :fist:


it is not my decision guys and girls, just trying to see if we can make it happen.

Just seems from the map that birmingham is most central, and i would love to get this done in the next couple of months!


Another Brum member here, i’d be down