Ascertaining interest for a PUB meet in the UK! Lets do this!


Keep me posted, I know atleast 2 crypto cowork spaces there in London to use as a meetup spot if need be - planning some art installations there later in the year…


I guess you know what kind of Red I am then if you read most of the posts, although I guess its Crypto that’s our shared passion & links us not the M62…that separates us.
I would love to meet up with the UK mob especially the one’s ive had a bit of banter with.

Cheers :+1::sunglasses:


That’s the point. To connect even more with those you meet from the Pub! It’s a thing!


Hey hey!!

What is going on brothers and sisters! Good to see this thread is still going; been a long few weeks of working hard, but in that time, it seems we have had a few more posts and it looks very positive indeed.

As said; this is not anything formal so to speak, so do not feel like i am the only one who can take the lead however; i would love to make it happen as i keep saying.

With that being said; Birmingham seems a very centralised location with good access in terms of transport for people scattered across the country.

If people are happy to explore a meet in Birmingham i can 100% commit to it, and it will happen! But obviously feel free to discuss alternatives in here, or another thread if you wish to do so.

Much love


Ah perfect!! I am 20 minutes from Brum!


Ah thank you very much, a very kind gesture. One to explore for sure. I put Birmingham as it is central, and one that is not too far from me to ensure i can 100% attend however; if people’s interests are open to London, why the hell not!

So is your work going to be on display?


I do my best! :smile: I don’t know what the theme will be for London just yet, but I’ll keep ya posted…right now I’m working on a 3 part series, Tampa FL, Austin TX, Los Angeles CA in the next 90 days…


looking forward for a pic that everyone is hugging sparky


Ah sounds good! Well i wish you all the best with it; and drop a message when you bring it to the UK :smiley:


A group crypto hug :stuck_out_tongue: You can have center position brother


Sry I’m not from the UK, just wanted to the PUB to share some sparky love :grin:


What is going on guys, girls and cryptowarriors!

Trying to keep this thread alive as best as possible. TO try and get this moving; I would love to hear form any of you who think they could possibly attend a meeting over the next 3 months?!

Don’t be shy; put your name down; let’s get faces to usernames :slight_smile:
much love


No sorry needed my man :stuck_out_tongue:
Where you from; get a flight :stuck_out_tongue: