Asic miner uk customs import tax? & a few other ROI questions


Thinking about investing in an asic miner. I pay a flat rate for my electricity, so electricity cost is not an issue, only the upfront cost of buying the equipment and the total amount of power I can draw from my MCB.

If I order from China to UK, say an S9, is there a customs fee, and if so does anyone know what it is? Or if I should buy directly from a UK seller (2nd hand or ‘new’).

Even with zero electricity cost, is it still profitable to mine the SHA algorithm with say an S9, bearing in mind the increase in difficulty as it is in the near future. Likely to make my ROI?

Otherwise, what would be the best ROI as it stands atm. The GMO B3’s look really sweet, but it’s a long way off till dispatch (nov ish).



Don’t think so. I ordered things from China before, don’t remember having to pay a fee unless it’s included in the delivery


ok great, yeah i haven’t before from China, only from the US. Often the Chinese label their packages at a low value so it doesn’t get the charge, wasn’t sure about bitmain.


Coming to the US there is a customs fee but your mileage may vary on that. Also if you have zero electricity costs then of coarse anything is profitable! LOL. You could mine the worst shit coin you can find for profit if the electricity is zero cost, think about it.


Some places like bitmain have been known to include it.