Asrock H110 Pro BTC boots with one PSU connected but not two

Hi, [newbie alert] I am expanding my rig where currently one EVGA 1200W PSU will power 5 RX580 Armor 8GB OC cards plus all the MB connectors.
I have followed the illustration on the Asrock minisite step 4 for the second PSU, an EVGA 800W PSU, using one of these dual PSU extension cables

With the second PSU connected to nothing else other than the PSU extension cable, the system will boot. When the Main 1200W PSU is turned on, I can hear the relay click on the second 800W PSU and the fan starts.

When I connect the second PSU to a single PCI riser and the 8 pin connector of the GPU card and turn on PSU1 the machine won’t boot. When I plug in the USB cable from the PCI socket on the MB to the riser, it also won’t boot.

I have swapped out PSU2 for a spare and the symptoms are the same. As there are plenty of examples of using this MB and others with more than one PSU and the configuration is shown on the Asrock website, I know I’m not trying to do something that wouldn’t work.

Any pointers to how to trouble shoot this? TIA.

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Possibly try switching the connections. Connect PSU1 to the connection you have PSU2 plugged into.

Other possible issues:

Is PSU2 plugged in? (I hate when IT ask that)
Have you turned on PSU2 via the switch on the back?

The new GPU you are plugging in, that is being powered by PSU2 correct? If so make sure everything is plugged in properly and the new GPU is placed at the end of the board.

Make sure none of your wires are crossed. That board has very tight PCIe slots.

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Hi @ImaginaryPi, thanks for your suggestions.

PSU2 is plugged in, I can hear the relay click inside when PSU is powered up, in addition I have tried swapping PSU2 for another - in that scenario PSU2 fan spins up when PSU1 is turned on (in the case of the initial PSU2 since the fan was on ECO mode the fan didn’t need to spin as it was not hot enough).

Yes, the new GPU is powered by PSU2 - both the PCI riser and the 8port socket on the top of the GPU. No PSU2 connectors are plugged in to the MB.

I will retry powering the GPU from PSU1.

Appreciate your input

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