Atomic Wallet for Android

I have been using three wallet as my daily driver. Exodus Wallet , Ledger Live , and Atomic Wallet (above).

Recently I was asked by the Atomic team to beta test their Android app in an online VM. Being an Android NERD, I couldn’t possibly turn that down.

The Linux Atomic Wallet (also for Windoze and IOS) Handles Visa/MasterCard through Simplex, 150+ coins (INCLUDING DOGE and Cardano)lol, and Every ERC20 token listed by Ethereum. Yes. You can add custom ERC20 just like MEW and Metamask, but it’s tons easier to do with Atomic. Atomic supports three ridiculously easy to use exchanges seamlessly within the app (Changelly, Shapeshift, and ChangeNow) as well as NO FEE ATOMIC SWAPS. I’ve only used Atomic Swaps once and it did hang in “unfilled order” until I canceled 15min later.

The ONLY downsides I have with Atomic Wallet is the Atomic Swaps mentioned earlier, and it’s a little slow with transaction/Exchange times. It could’ve been the individual networks being slow at the time I made these transactions.

I will post a detailed review of the Android version of Atomic once it’s released.


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