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Hi Peter. I myself have been in Crypto about as long as yourself, but I sold many hundreds of Bitcoin back when the $1500-$200 crash (The 1st Annual China is banning Bitcoin Crash), and that was after holding through the first $1000 to $100 crash. or whatever it was.
I have enjoyed watching your NEO videos as you are a intelligent bloke so I found myself looking to you to make sure I did not burn in another crash. I hate youtube crypto people. I could only ever stand you. Especially after that guy who films himself watching his mobile phone screen for live comments with his daughter in his car and tells people to invest their life savings into $6 Pump n dump CHC. Since you though I have found Crypto Crush to be excellent for reviews, so i thank you for that.

I imagine there is a thousand threads thanking you, sorry but the website is very jam packed and not the easiest to know where to go when first looking at it so I have just started a new thread because I personally wanted to give you my thanks.
I had not known you to ever really dig into your viewers about what to do financially, other than support them and answer questions. So when I saw you push ICON to us and how excited you were,how pumped you were that you had put so much of your personal time into researching something and knowing that you found the treasure chest that would change the lives of your viewers. I could see and hear exactly how happy you were to of come across something that would change peoples lives. Lots of things can make people’s lives better and lots of people can change a persons life, but you found the one thing that allows a person to change their life how they want to change it, and that is with lots and lots of money.
Due to all of this, I went and put 30 ETH into this as it was the max allowed, I had someone close to me do the same and I had everyone in my little crypto group that I send ICO info and my research on them to, also buy ICON and those who could get the max did, but these guys that usually only get 1 or 2 ETH worth got 8 or 9.
I hit a bonus which doubled up my ICON tokens. I would not say you have changed my life but that is only because I never withdraw crypto to Fiat. I also never sell crypto tokens because it is like robbing from one to pay the other when I only buy ones I want to stay in and believe will go places. So I have not experienced anything life changing yet. I have however found myself in a situation where I can access my winning lotto ticket anytime I choose. People in my little group that i got into ICOs nwo not only have money but one guy can leave his job aged 60, divorced, 3 teenagers who drives a public bus. He is literally moving to Bali and buying a waterfront villa for only $35k, but he has enough money to see himself through a retirement now. My cleaning lady, well I am just waiting for her to quit because she has more money than she ever thought she would have. (People, never get your cleaning lady or gardener into Crypto).
I find it a little funny how people when I show them a wallet portfolio going from 100k to 400k in a matetr of week or two tell me that it is too good to be true and if it was this good everyone would be doing it. What they do not realise is not everyone would be doing it because most people say that and dont give it a go. Even those who know it is good, they still are too lazy to do it.

So anyway I have come here to thank you. I am a guy who has been in an accident and was stupid enough to sell my BTC during major FUD a few years back and just ahd a child and lives in pain that I was getting worried if my child would ever have the life I was wanting to give him. I make enough in crypto to live a good normal life, but what I made in ICON, changed my life. I knew while I was waiting for Icon what it was going to be and how big this is going to be because they are doing so much while waiting for tokens to be released. This is a major blockchain which is super exciting. You have given me everything I need to do whatever I want to do for the rest of my life and not worry financially. Except for the obvious, like if Korea and USA go to war. That scares me for ICX, but not for BTC. I do not want to change my ICX to BTC though because I believe ICX is a $170 token, and those who think it can only go so high because of the market cap of the top 10, they forget that new money is coming in all the time and the market caps will all grow and no doubt in my mind that ICX will be a $1000 token in 4 years. Any other industry and it would take 10 years in the past, but crypto is many industries combined. Many revolutions combined actually. And things are getting faster than even the wildest predictions.
You have allowed me to start investing in Crypto on a bigger scale, so I have been lucky to hit home runs on many ICOs recently, Ethlend, Simple token, Medibloc, power ledger, decent bet, bitclave,chainlink, air token, request , and fingers crossed for Lala world (only got at first due to them touring with ICON), Neuromation (boy oh boy), InsurePay , Elastos and so on… These I have been able to go alot higher in my investments though and thanks to Ethlend allowing me to borrow against tokens instead of selling and missing out on the future returns, everything is just peachy.
I know this is a long scattered message but its to say thank you and to give you some sort of picture of what i have been able to do, what I am doing and how big i am doing it. Mostly it allows me to pass all my research of ICOs onto my little group, at no cost to them and i refuse all donations, which have been large offers since ICON.

You have changed the lives of many people. I imagine so many different walks of life, from ppor to loaded , from smart to stupid. From fun to boring. So many people,so many ways of life. It was you who probably got a good 30% of the Icon contributors to contribute and everyone always knew it was going to be good and some of us knew just how good, but none of us would of heard about it if it was not for you.
I have alw3ays admired you but I will admit that I am certain you regret things like every other person does and you must be still trying to figure out if you regret buying a lambo or not. You knew it would be a 20 million dollar lambo soon enough but now ay did you expect it to be so expensive so quickly because otherwise you would of waited a month to buy it after BTC hit 20k. I am sure that plays on your mind a bit but we have to expect this if we are going to spend our crypto.

I would be interested in hearing some advice on cashing out, not ofr me but I am sure many people want to buy houses now and you have afforded them that and now they could do with some advice of how to do this, taxes, whats legal, where to get big money from , all sorts. I ask you if you have not already that you have taken many people not use to having any money and now they are rich, but they do not kow how to manage this money, or crypto and maybe you could share some insights. I am sure many need the help but are not willing to ask in public for the help, maybe you could try and assit them with a video on advice of having such large sums of money so quickly.

Anyway this ia a bit of a picture to me and a little bit of a insight into what goes through my mind now and just a little something to let you know that there is a person behind this screen who wants to give you a very sincere thank you. Thank You so Much Peter! You have done a Oprah. You did more than a Oprah. Oprah never gave all her audience members a million dollars each, but we are coming up to where those who got the max 30ETH now have around 900k very soon and will be on a million before end of the month. Easily $25 going through when mainet Launches. Which will bring more millionaires.
You just trumped Oprah. Im usually the guy who gets to the party late, i imagine many of us are, boy i am glad that was not the case here and even more I am stoked that 12 people who follow my research into ICOs also listened to your video because that in my books is alot of lifes to change at once, and you changed hundreds.

Yes its a long post guys but its sincere and I hope many more of you guys will tell us all where you were at 6 months ago and how life w3as going for you now and how life is for you today. I am sure it has not changed for many, but im sure you also feel pretty safe knowing you have all this money. Some probably have not had it kick in yet.

Guys- Take a minute to drop what you are doing,. and join me in the singing of the crypto international anthem. Stand up and do a taylor swift, or a Tom Cruise, or a miChael J Fox. Whatever floats your boat, but turn it up and let the neighbours hear…


Thank you thank you sir.

I am humbled beyond words. Thank you for spending the time to write up such a wonderful post about how I… helped you… and YOU helped others.

That’s the legacy I want to leave. That I’m merely a player, amongst many others of players, that will help shape the lives of many for the better.

In times like these it always reminds me to thank others that have helped ME. I have a few that I’ll reach out to tonight. Thank YOU for the solid reminder that I must thank those that have helped me in life.

Stay the course. Make sure to mark those EXIT goals. Don’t HODL too long on the alts… only BTC.

Enjoy the gains… and YES. I’ll do a video (actually several have asked), on how to manage brand new wealth.

Thank YOU for being here. Thank you ALL for being here. If y’all weren’t here, we would have no one to build for.

To the moon my cryptonation. To the moon! :rocket:


That’s one way of putting it…



But, to be honest… this thread might be relevant to your question about exit strategies!


BEAUTIFUL post. So nicely said. We can all point to times in our lives where we “missed” the ‘big thing’ and said ‘if only’. Never have I felt so excited that I finally was in the right place at the right time, with a person who was willing to share (thank you @peter) and I summoned the cajones to step up and take the plunge!

Now, so I don’t screw it up, I am carefully planning the exit and growth into more…


Well it’s the truth. BUT and it’s a big but, ( like my ex’s )
It’s his YouTube persona I’m talking about as I don’t know him in everyday life. I’m sure he resembles his personal life online but his online persona that he has chosen to adopt is a little different from what I like to deal with in a financial setting. Or a business setting. Seeing as I only know his brand he has built as an online presenter, I’m sure he wouldn’t take it as a personal issue. Due to my work Its pretty safe to say 9 out of 10 of my friends in real life are either in a TV show you watch, watched or a film you have watched and not a single one of them is like you would imagine. Except maybe Mel Gibson and Russel Crowe. They are exactly as you’d imagine. Hence the personal physical trainer Russel has on his farm and his regular what he likes to call “Boot Camps” he likes to hold for those in his films, and spending the weekend for a BBQ. Which you only find out is code for boot camp when you wake up 4am after a night around the bonfire. Lol.

Anyway, Peter has been online long enough not to take any negative comments towards himself personally as he knows people either love his charachter or hate it. I’m not saying his thoughts and his advice is not him being himself, it’s just he sits down and thinks about the way he wants to come across and then goes and comes across the way that he thinks will keep his viewers attention and will resonate with them .
I could handle it for a while, I can’t any longer, but I’ll always be the first to defend him and his advice if anyone says anything negative towards it and I have on many occasions. If I’m looking for advice on anything crypto that you can take to the bank, I’ll go see what’s he’s saying about it and nobody else. Nobody on YouTube is anywhere near him with his expertise in crypto. Even the big financial experts don’t have a clue as they all rely on charts and trends when there is no trend in a unregulated whale manipulated system. It’s far too early to call trends. One other person I’ll watch is the modern investor and that’s only because he simply reads the news and gives his opinions. Peter though is a data scientist at the top of his field mixed in with a long time crypto holder whose seen and experienced it all.

In regards to icon , I’m set for life now. And I believe my grandkids are going to be set for life too very shortly, if I ever have grand kids. I’ve had the most amazing time in this super long bear market, and I’ve made the most of it. I literally have 5 to 10 times the amount of crypto I had before I cashed , I’ve managed to get myself into the top 5% of holders of over 20 of my 45 coins. All those I’ve got in the top 5% of holders in are coins that are doing exceptionally well and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, coins like TRAC, UBT, OST, DRGN, MRPH, PAI, PATH, STK, LYM and others along with more recently biting the bullet and stacking XRP at 23c to 46c. I literally can not believe that at a time that of 2 weeks before they were launching xrapid and announcing 160 banks in 40 countries and some of the largest banks in their respective counties, including the entire middle East and Japan we’re going to use their services, and take head on a very old fax machine method that banks use to send international money which takes 3 days and costs you to send it and for receiving bank to receive it, and bad exchange rates, and with all that on the table knowing they could eventually they could take the Lions share of the 4.7 TRILLION dollars they transactions everyday and add that to the crypto daily trade volume , is pure amazing buying at this super low price. It literally in one day with 1% of SWIFT business can become the highest trading volume in crypto. 100 billion coins with XRP and a use case for 4.7 trillion coins to be used a day. Man xrp is at an opportunity where it’s like getting into Bitcoin back in 2010. The sky is the limit for the value of that coin and it will get to major amounts much quicker than Bitcoin got to 20k. Might not get that high but it will be relevant.

I have always hated xrp because I like crypto for it’s non regulation currency, but for the next few years it looks like regulation will be a driving force in crypto but I’m sure it will be like Facebook. Everyone used Facebook thinking it’s the greatest thing in the world and now everyone realises they gave their privacy away by uploading photos that Facebook now owns and letting Facebook know everything about them and people want their privacy back. Crypto will take on regulation and laster everyone will rebel against it as crypto is about the opposite of regulation. That doesn’t mean the banks can’t have their regulated coin to do their business with it, but I wasn’t going to support it and now I realise what it’s being used for, what that means , how much it will be worth and to me I can’t believe that I and everyone else has the opportunity to buy and own that coin knowing what it’s going to become. Maybe they now realise that they shouldn’t of made this a coin everyone can buy and could of just sold it to the owners of all the banks, or maybe they realise that later, but I’m stoked we can as it will one day be worth a fortune. How can a digital coin that could bring 4.7 trillion dollars a day to their trade volume not be worth a fortune when they only have 100 billion or whatever.

Anyway, I’ve also got bitcoin and if anyone is reading this, someone did the maths recently and have said in the future if you want to be one of the 1% of people in BTC holding BTC then you need to own 0.28 BTC. Apparently only 1% of people will have 0.28 BTC. Everyone else will have less than that. That’s mental. I’m still trying to get my head around it as it was only released in the news articles today. Think it was Tom Lee.

Anyway I’m really enjoying this artificial manipulated crypto market right now and I’m hoping altcoins will rise back up to their last all time high over the next year and I really hope all of those who are investigating their time and their effort and checking their portdilios all day, and reading everything they can and buying what they can afford, I hope all of you stick with it because you will all get your break too if not already. With crypto you can make as money AS YOU WANT. You just got to decide if you want or not and if you want to then you invest all you can afford and if you don’t want to then you don’t. The more you invest the more you make and that’s how you make what you want to make. You must research what you invest in. I’d stay away from ICO’s for now but I’d also read about as many upcoming one’s each day as you can because all the future major coins that will make trillions still haven’t been thought of yet. All the major brands will bring DaPps to crypto once things are regulated and people will be leaving high school and going to blockchain University and leaving with massive ideas just like those who built Facebook. Always keep looking for those opportunities.
In all my everything, I believe xrp is the biggest opportunity going at these prices. 1% of swift business will make xrp worth$5. I find it impossible for them not to get 1% of that racket.

Bit of advice, if new to crypto don’t think about cashing out. Think about it like, you are investing in crypto and you will hold your crypto until a time comes where you can pay for living and buying all the things in life with crypto just as easy as a debit card. When that time comes , you will have more than you would if you cash out at your dream amount. That time is only a year or two away as well .
Everything is undervalued at the moment. It’s a artificial bear market that the wall street furus had been planning for 5 years and Everytime they said Bitcoin was going to die they were buying what everyone was selling. It was coordinated and they will now open their crypto desks in November and they will push the price up instead of down because they will sell all that Bitcoin to their billionaires and you can bet your life on it they will do everything they can to not crash the market down like this again because if they do, their first round billionaires will be super mad they lost 95% of their money, the teacher retirement funds will never invest, and their second round of billionaire investors won’t look at investing and the wall street desks will lose their opportunity at new money in a new venture along side of their recycled money in the same old stock market. It will be in their best interest to push prices up and keep them up and use manipulation to keep it up or keep it from crashing too much if they need to or they won’t get everything they want. This year was a one time major coordinated effort to drive the prices down while they stocked up.
People who don’t believe that, there was a very big sign proving this… Gold man Sachs was opening a desk while they were buying up Bitcoin they were telling everyone it’s going to zero and buying everyone they scared out.
Then about a month ago you could feel these wall street guys left the markets to go up naturally. A guy nothing to do with this sold 15,000 Bitcoin and the market dumped. The business insider article said that Goldman Sachs was leaving the crypto space on top of that dump obviously thinking that news would drive the market down further. Saying Goldman had changed their mind. People started dunoing again. Within hours Goldman Sachs made a massive press release that this was a lie and they were not giving up on it and they never announced anything of the sort.
They did that to stop the price going down because they don’t want it going down anymore. They need it to go up and it will go up naturally. They need it to go up because they purchased all the Bitcoin they wanted to hold and they want the price is as high as possible when November comes around because they want to sell the Bitcoin they hold for higher prices than they paid. As high as possible. So they made sure people didn’t know it was them. It was the first time they commented on if it was true or not about their crypto desk being opened. They didn’t admit it while they were saying Bitcoin will die because they wanted to but it as people dumped it. But the second they got what they wanted at low prices and a newspaper article threatened the price to dump they quickly responded to put a stop to that. They showed their hand big time.

Anyway, just updating my post. I know it’s long. I doubt anyone’s read it, but I hope those who did read it get the blood pumping and help them stay strong hanging in there. Icon is still my favourite and I believe it will be a top 8 or 9 coin once the market gets to a place where it’s not constant price manipulation and that will at least stop for low prices once these big boys are all in it with their customers. Which is great for all of us because we are early and we will read the rewards of the riches that these companies are going to be making for their billionaire friends. The rich just get richer and the rich aren’t even in crypto yet. Not to the level they will be. But we all are and they are coming soon and then everyone in the world who invests will have around 5% of their networth in crypto and if you hold out you will be one of the very wealthy people along side those billionaires about to come in. You may not feel early to this, but it hasn’t even started in the eyes of the government’s yet. USA hasnt even regulated it yet. That’s how early we are. Regulation is the start of it. Imagine what it will be like when we get to the OCCUPY BLOCKCHAIN times. That’s what, 100 years away? Early days people. Don’t let this manipulated bear market get you down. Just read and research all you can


Wow. Thanks so mcuh for the great writeup!

I appreciate the support!

We’re here for the long run. Let’s get it bigly!

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